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The reality of types of orbs

Different types of orbs

My initial researches show three different types of orbs, although some may come into more than one category.  The general consensus seems to be that they are generally, but not always, balls of spirit energy from the spiritual realm. For instance the green one, which I saw, is said to be healing or a comfort visit by someone in spirit.

1-Multi coloured ones.

These are said to  come to you when needed, often connected with healing or protection. Different coloured orbs seem to fulfill different purposes. As ever, there is always a slight disagreement or variation, between practitioners, as to what the various colours mean. But below is a generalized list.

 Colour and purpose of orbs

Blue (dark): Shy spirit. Blue (light): Tranquil, peace. Blue (medium): Protection. Brown: Danger or earthbound. Gold: Angelic, unconditional love. Yellow: caution, Green: Healing orb or spirit. Lavender: Messenger from God. Red ones offer protection and comfort. There may be more variations and colours out there which I have not come across. As mentioned last time, I did see green ones when I needed it.  I have seen a description of black or brown orbs, some times referred to as malevolent, sometimes said to warn you of danger..

2-Spirit orbs

Some orbs are thought to be ghosts or spirits coming to earth in the form of light, trying to communicate with the living human world once again (thank you Tracy Anne Morfitt) ). Some may be trying to communicate with loved ones. They are often, but not always, clear or white. It is said to be easier to comeback in orb form than to manifest in body. Larger orbs require more energy. Sometimes life forms, of some sort, are said to be visible inside them. There are many pictures on the internet of what look like human or human ish faces in these orbs.

Also, other life forms may just be passing through our reality in orb form. Streams of life forms orbs are often seen traveling in groups. The stream of orbs that C saw (the reality of orbs) may have come into this category. C did hear a chatter of communication between them.

3-Alien orbs

These are perhaps the most contentious and the most denied. The multi coloured ones, as per the illustration, are said to be alien orbs. There have been reports of them being seen around crop circles, been seen emerging from UFO’s, and even a suspicion that they are scouting out possible abductees. Denial by everyone in authority is, of course, the norm.

What does this mean?

The very existence of orbs hints at a more complex big picture than we have been taught exists.

Next time I will be explaining the super clues to reality their existence generates.





Healing with Reiki

“Reiki is a system of energy healing which was developed in Japan in the early 20th century.  It channels spiritual energy to help harmonise body, mind and spirit. It uses “universal life energy” which is channelled through the practitioner to the recipient. (The energy can be known by different names.  In addition to “universal life energy” it can also be called God, spirit or any higher power of your own beliefs).

The whole universe comprises and radiates energy.  I use the term universal energy because it is the energy which animates all living things.  Reiki allows you to tap into and benefit from these energies.

Recipients lie fully clothed on a treatment table (or they can be seated).  The healer gently places his hands on the head and body.  A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on what is required.  Most practitioners use the twelve traditional hand positions and commonly a full treatment is given covering all the important organs of the body.
There is very little or no hand pressure making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions. Sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing anxiety and stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma – respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, and many more.  Practitioners are taught that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, but should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.  It is becoming a frequently common practice to use both Reiki and a similar procedure, therapeutic healing, in hospitals, care homes and hospices because of the perceived benefit.  The Complimentary Natural Therapy Healthcare which is recognised by Government maintains a register of fully qualified and bona fide practitioners which for referrals by medical professionals. ”


Aspects of Reality

1- That there is a universal energy source that healers use to heal. This suffuses and animates all living things.

2-We are not just physical bodies. We have a spirit body which healing tunes up, allowing the physical body to re balance


Past lives pain present in this one

back massage People often think that the physical world around us is all there is to reality. It is always very interesting when those that don’t really believe in the multidimensional, many layered actual reality get a glimpse of it that confounds their beliefs.

For instance ;My husband has a very bad back. His profession as a younger man caused damage that has shown up in older age. It is the sort of wear and tear that the medical profession cannot do much about. Massage and chiropractic manipulation help, at least short term. Whist on holiday, in pain, he went to a new masseuse. Unbeknownst to him she worked with energies as well as massaging. Half way through the massage he began to hallucinate. Images from the crusades and Knights Templar flooded his brain. The pain in his back disappeared completely for the first time in years. He just was not expecting that.

So, part of his pain, probably the reason that the medical profession cannot help him, is that it is not just wear and tear but past life memories trapped in his spirit body that is causing some of the trouble. How much of this is true for all of us? We are using medicines to treat pain that is just trapped trauma from past lives which should be dealt with and released.

Aspects of reality

1-We have a spirit body that is used in healing. Trauma can be trapped in this spirit body which can cause pain in the physical body.

2- We have lived many times, trauma from past lives can continue into this one.



Body regeneration- one for the healers or medical profession.

human body

Something came up on Facebook the other day that showed how long it took parts of our physical bodies to regenerate themselves. It all happens within two years apparently. In that time frame every cell of our body has been replaced. For instance, it said that the liver takes 6 weeks and bones take 3 months.

What struck me was, if that is so, why does the body copy the mistakes? Why are faults and injuries replicated? Would it be medically possible to correct the mistakes at the cellular level? Is anyone working on that? The alternative healing practitioner generally seek to re-balance the spirit body at an energetic level, which is part way towards that. My question is, what is the medical profession doing to go back to these basics? The cynic in me says that it is not in big phama’s interest to do so.

What do you think?


The reality of theta healing

As I have discussed in previous posts, our brains are a buzz with waves of biochemical and bioelectrical energy that are created by the operation of the physical brain. We naturally go in and out of various brainwave patterns, beta, alpha and theta during the day. I came across an interesting form of healing recently which uses one of these brainwave patterns, the theta. The theta brainwave occours when we are in very deep state of relaxation often reached in deep meditation or attained in deep hypnosis. Its is akin to sleep or a trance-like state. In the theta brainwave state we are able to access the subconscious.


Reality and Healing -using the energy matrix

When discussing reality and  healing, it is important to remember who and what we are. At base level. we are beings made from the atomic structure of the compounds and chemicals that make up our physical bodies. The structure of all atoms consists mostly of empty space between the nucleus and orbiting electrons. The quanta, the pinches of vibrating energy that make up the different atomic particles are nothing more than vibrating pinches of energy themselves. Energy = mass. We are in fact nothing more than energy beings. (more…)

Reality and healing- using the energy body

When looking at reality we must look carefully at who and what we are. Many healers and mystics believe that embedded within our physical body there is an energy body. This works in harmony with the physical body to help co-ordinate its functions. It is an integral part of us that we could not survive without. Both bodies interact, and there is constant movement of energy between the physical and energy bodies. If one is in good shape it will help to harmonize and rebalance the other. Stress on the physical body will reflect back to the energy body and vice versa. This will lead to imbalance of the systems, and often lead to ill health. Evidence of this energetic body can be seen in a person’s aura. (more…)

Reality and healing -using divine power

No discussion of reality can leave out the possibility that we have been created by a divine power. A great many people believe that we are not just a random evolutionary accident, but have been created by a God or intelligent designer of some sort. If that is true then, in theory, the God should be able to repair any damage and heal his creations if he chooses to,  especially if asked to by priests or adherents. (more…)

Shiatsu healing -using the meridians

When looking at the aspects of reality that are revealed to us by successful healing, the oriental based natural healing methods are of particular interest. This is because of what they reveal about the true nature of the human body, in particular the energy pathways through it, which they call meridians. It is along these pathways, which are said to be invisibly embedded within the physical body, that the life force, called qi or chi is said to flow. Blockages and imbalances within the chi, are said to cause ill health. There are several ways of addressing this. Acupuncture seeks to release these blockages and imbalances by inserting thin needles into nodal points on the meridians. Acupressure seeks to do the same by just pressing the acupuncture points. Practitioners use finger and palm pressure on access points to the energetic pathways, to improve the flow of qi. This, as in acupuncture, then allows the body to re-balance and heal itself. (more…)

Reality and healing- using the mind

What does our mind have to do with reality? Some people feel that you can help heal the physical body, just using the power of the mind. Could that be possible? If so, what mechanism could they be actually using to achieve this? There could be several different possible factors in play here.

Firstly, the human mind is very powerful. We rarely, if ever use it to its capacity. The human brain has a computer like body organizing function as well as our thinking mind. We also have conscious and sub conscious minds. If the body is out of balance could the conscious mind some how override the automatic maintenance systems and re-balance the body into optimal functioning? Some people believe so. Having a balanced body, with all our interactive internal systems working in harmony, would certainly make us feel better.