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Creating our own reality- the last word?

  • It is often asked if  human consciousness can change physical reality. I believe so  and use the science of quantum mechanics  to illustrate my point.
     The wise  David Russell said ”  Human consciousness not only affects reality but it also creates it. What is reality? Is it what we can see, hear, touch? Is it what we believe? Is it our morality or ethics? Is it what we do or what feel? Or is it all of these things as we are, each of us, all of them ourselves?”
    I replied”  Our reality is what we perceive, I believe. I also believe that it is more individual than we realize. It is like an interactive video game. Every player believes they are playing the same game with the same rules, but we are creating our own game as we play.”
     I also added “We may be changing physical reality as we go to do that.”
    We cannot know what we are supposing is true. Evidence is creeping in that consciousness does have a role in creation. I have done lots of blog posts about that very topic. Track back if you are interested. All I know is that science is beginning to look at this properly ( via Quantum mechanics and studies about the nature of consciousness) at last .
    I do know what I, and many others, believe. Hopefully the time will come when it is all a lot clearer and and these views, especially in answer to the age old questions of who we actually are and what we are doing here, will begin to make more sense to the general population.
    Until then, keep thinking and creating.
    Aspects of Reality
    Human consciousness can seem to change reality