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Embracing diversity

crystals_healingA friend, Dana, sent me an account of a wonderful experience she had whist mediating. It was so insightful that I am sharing it as my “thought” for this month.

Messages within a Meditation

Having decided, spontaneously, to do some meditation, I was immediately drawn to use my Opalite sphere.  This was a gift to me from My Reiki Master, who taught me my Reiki III and Teacher level.  She is an amazing teacher and I owe her much, why I was drawn with strong conviction to seek out this stone I have no idea.

For those who know my home, they will confirm that in my conservatory I have bowls and dishes, plates and all sorts of interesting containers, filled with a variety of crystals, yes I collect them, more for pleasure than work, though sometimes I am drawn to use them in healing, for myself and others.

I can’t remember where every specific crystals sits, though I do tend to arrange them in colours – ie; soft pinks, lilacs, blue will be placed together, whilst stronger colours of orange, red, brown nestle together, etc.   I found the small Opalite, which is the size of a small marble, glowing in a huge crystal bowl, bequeathed to me by my Polish family, and amongst an array of stunning stones of natural quartz crystal through to a palm stone of Lepidolite.  The finding of the Opalite was exciting, for as I searched, I saw each crystal through new eyes, they never cease to amaze me in their natural beauty each one individual and unique, even if it is from the same family.

I started my meditation and sat quietly watching my breath – it was then it came to me, each crystal is stunning and different, showing varying qualities and that is how we are, people that is.  It would be narrow minded to always surround ourselves by the same kind of person, each one of us has something unique to offer.  Like crystals we have our less attractive parts but mostly we are beautiful.  When mined, the crystal in its raw state can sometimes be dull and a little shabby but once it is cleaned and in some cases tumbled and polished it becomes an item of undeniable beauty.  There are tiny crystal beads and huge crystal Geodes, fascinating colours and tiny shapes within the main structure.  Crevices and veins of minerals are visible in some and others are smooth and opaque.

If we share our lives with a variety of people and look, really look with detachment, let go of our judgement and pre-conceived ideas, we will see the imperfections, the scars, the misshapen limbs, discolouration of age, perhaps the weariness of life – but also we will see the shining light of a baby, which reminds us of how we started this life.  We will sense the sadness, the dis-comfort and dis-ease, but seeing each person through new eyes, we will also see the perfection of creation, the luminescence of the Soul.  We can reach beyond the hardened shell to see the tiny veins of hope, crevices of faith and most of all we can touch on the softest centre of love.

Like the crystal we come in different sizes, shapes and colours and we resonate on different levels.  Some are intellectual, some are academic whilst others are more artistic or more active but fundamentally, we all have characteristics that are similar and most of all, we all want to be accepted and loved at some level.

Next time we look around a room of people let us not dismiss those that appear not to be ‘our type’ those who appear misshapen or crooked, let us instead, try to see through the veneer and find the luminescent essence within, to reach out to everyone, as we are all one and inter- connected, when we reject others, we reject ourselves at a Soul level.

As I finished the meditation, which incidentally only lasted a few minutes I felt I had stepped through a door, perhaps I had made a quantum leap of understanding humanity from a more spiritual place, who knows!  What I do know is that I felt compelled to share this experience.  Thank you for reading this and letting me reach out to you.

Incidentally, after the meditation I ‘Googled’ Opalite to find out the properties of the stone and to find out why I was drawn to use it for this meditation, this is a small part of the stone’s discription.

Opalite: The ‘Stone of Eternity’ brings forth the understanding of the true-self, the true spirit, to free the spirit. The knowing that one can soar higher than expected, can reach unimaginable goals and join as one with the ultimate all, the whole of who we are and why we are.

“One must dream in order to grow, one must have thought in order to reach”

Thank you Dana – what a message

Dana can be reached via the Facebook Positive Living Isle of Wight page.

Wounds of Karma and how to deal with them

karma 1As I finish my thread on Karma, I come to the (hopefully!) final question. That is, how do we deal with or mitigate any problems in this incarnation caused by our Karma?

As ever, two of my regular readers have given me two interesting possible answers to this one.

Firstly Robina  Hearle said

“The spirit healing team have taught us that in order to progress you have to own up to things you have done in the past. It’s like an itch in your energy field . It certainly will repeat if you do not acknowledge.
To own up to Karmic debts where you have been the cause of great pain through energetic wounds is a beginning of clearing the itch.
To forgive those who have caused you wounds and have karmic debts to you, is a healthy clearing again of another itch.
This  is part of the clearing we do at Unfolding Enlightenment, for this and many previous lives .”

Robina Hearle .


If you remember David Russell said in the “Where Karma is Stored” post on 28th of June, that “Karma is stored in the nervous system in the form of stresses.

He also said ” Meditation — any meditation — is specifically designed to remove stress from the nervous system and, thereby, also the karma. It is said that when all one’s karma has been spent Enlightenment results. And I can believe that. I teach a powerful meditation system but only ever recommend that people meditate twice a day for periods of 20 minutes each time. This is just enough to remove stresses from the nervous system without it making karma fall on you from a high place. Meditation makes karma move faster. And that is always a good thing.”

So you can mitigate Karma in theory..or you can just acknowledge it and let it run its course!

Aspects of Reality

Belief in Karma does presuppose that we have lived before and have been reincarnated.