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Other dimensional beings

other beingsMy research into Alien beings that seem to interact with humanity has led me to discover an extra category.

As well as contact with beings that are recognizable as 3D solid entities, there is also reported contact with beings that come from other dimensions.  Science does tell us that we live in a multiple dimensional universe or even a multiverse, after all. Although seeing them is difficult, telepathic contact still seems to be possible.

Why cannot we see them? Well there are two problems.

Firstly, If they are 4th dimensional beings their bodies are vibrating at a higher frequency than ours. Our sense organs are not tuned to detect them, or though they can see us as we are slower.

Secondly, If we can see them, or their space ships, any vision would be very distorted. We simply could not see all of the craft, only 3 dimensions of it. It would just suddenly partially appear and then seem to vanish, which does tally in with some reported sightings. It may also explain some strange lights and shapes seen in the sky.

Aspects of reality

1-We live in a multi dimensional universe.

2-There may be  other dimensional beings from these other dimensions that visit or interact with us.




Could it be possible to see other dimensions or interdimensional beings?

In all my posts discussing the strange possible realities of a multi dimensional universe or universes, ( see; The reality of a multi dimensional universe, The reality of strange dimensions and The reality of seeing strange dimensions) I always come up against two problems.  Firstly, for all the fancy theories, there is as yet no actual scientific, only theoretical mathematical,  proof that they exist.  Secondly, no one has actually even glimpsed one, or any probable inhabitants. Is this actually true though? Is it actually possible that unofficially we have already seen, or been visited by, beings from these other or alternate universes?