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Science of changing your reality

consciousness Before looking at how people can manifest, it is worth looking at the proper possible scientific mechanisms that can be found in the nature of reality itself. Surprisingly science seems to have possible answers.

These are;-


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Multiverse1Last week, triggered by a New Scientist headline, I discussed the concept of multiverses. Put simply, that is an infinite number of alternative universes existing simultaneously but unseen alongside ours. I highlighted the further theory, taken seriously in some scientific circles, that there may also be multiple copies of each of us also. For every decision that we make we split. One copy of us doing action (a) and the other doing action (b), for instance. This itself raises interesting questions about whether we are conscious in just one or all realities, or even whether we can jump from reality to reality thus creating our own path through. All unanswerable questions of course ( although people are working on it ).

Aspects of reality

If all possible variations of our life decisions are there, and we are living all of them simultaneously, then where does that leave the concepts of good and evil?






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Multiverse1Whilst browsing recently at the newsagents, a headline on New Scientist caught my eye.   It concerned the concept of multiverses, and although I did not stop to pick it up, or read the whole article, it got me thinking.

As ” alternative ” thinkers , we often assume that we somehow create our own reality as we go along, using the power of our consciousness.

Where, would you say is the science in that? Funnily enough, though, there are possible mechanisms in the cutting edge science of quantum mechanics and in some of the theories being actively researched in the physics of the universe (cosmology).

The multiverse theory hypothesizes states that  around us is not just the universe that we can see, but sets of infinite other possible universes that we cannot. Every possible combination of possibilities exist around us  in one dimension or another. We are just aware of the one we are conscious in.

There is also another more complex theory stating that for every decision that we make, we split, and one version of us goes on one path and one on its alternative. There is therefore in the universe multiple copies of ourselves following every possible path available to us. Sounds far fetched I know, but these are not new theories but have been around for many years, and are being actively pursued.

These are contentious theories, but are credible in the context of current understanding of the nature of matter. They are taken very seriously in some scientific circles. For me, the interesting aspect that they do not mention concerns what this means for the reality of mankind. If there are an infinite versions of each of us, are we conscious in all? Are we conscious in just one. Do we jump from version of reality to version of reality depending on what decisions we make?  Not only does this throw up questions about who and what we actually are, there is another concept that we take for granted which is then becomes questionable.

That I will look at next time… this space.


The reality of the multiverse

When high science begins to explore the nature of reality, the theories sometimes appear stranger than even some of the most far fetched alternative theories would allow. For instance, recently I came across two interesting theories concerning the possible simultaneous existence of many other universes alongside ours. (more…)

The reality of strange dimensions

When looking at all the strange scientific theories about the reality of the universe, none are more fascinating than those concerning the physical possibilities of a multidimensional universe or universes. These theories give us possibilities of very strange realities indeed.


The reality of multiple dimensions

Through many of the discussed reflections of reality, the possibility of the existence of other dimensions around that we just cannot see, has come up time and time again. To many people this may seem to sound like science fiction, but actually this possibility is a mainstream scientific belief.  It is a topic for ongoing research.