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Other beings in our reality- fairies, nature spirits, et al

Who is with us in this reality of ours? In this jigsaw of our existence, what other beings are sharing our space? What does their existence mean for the big picture of life?

I have looked extensively at Angels and aliens and even ancient aliens (look back under these categories if you are interested). There is another class, or classes of beings, though, that also seem to be with us. These are fairies, nature spirits and elves  to name just a few. Just my preliminary researches uncovered a vast rich world that I had been unaware of until now. Some are mentioned extensively in folk lore, but still seem to be with us today. Some must have been with us since the beginning of time. (more…)

visions of other beings in our reality

jackies beingsLots of interesting insights came when I asked when people were first aware  of the other beings and dimensions that seem to share our reality with us. People told me that they saw orbs, angels, spirits and many other beings and energies, often at an age when they did not realize that these things were not ” supposed” to exist.

This wonderful illustration of a visiting being was sent to me by Jackie.

She told me that,  “Probably early teens when I began to suspect that there was more than what we were being taught. Simply because things didn’t seem to form any logical kind of sense… a bit like a lie uncovering its self. More questions than answers. Unknowingly able to sense energies since my teens. Knowingly in the last 18 months encountered a range of other beings.”

The picture is one of  10 beings that she saw. She managed to draw this one.

Fascinating, more interesting insights next week.


Seventh Aspect of Reality-Help for Humanity

If you may remember, at the beginning of my blog I identified seven main aspects of reality. The seventh concerned the interesting concept that humanity does not seem to be alone in this reality of ours.  There are beings,  of several kinds,  seemingly helping us.