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The reality of Angels

angel-of-lightI had much interesting feedback in describing, or sharing, people’s personal experiences of other beings that are in our reality with us. There are actually so many that I thought I would just begin with the best known. That is, of course, Angels. Angels are special. They are entwined within our history and culture and both Eastern and Western religion, both mainstream and alternative. It is perhaps time to look back again at who and what they actually are, and where they may come from. I have done quite a lot about them on this blog in the past. Just check out category Angels if you are interested.

Anyway, there are many theories about what sort of beings they actually are,

*Some people believe that Angels are just a collection of beings responsible for the harmonious organization of the inhabited universe. They help mankind to promote this harmony. Where they come from is another matter.

*They may also just be an alien race helping mankind for its own purposes.

*Perhaps they are a separate species co-existing on Earth with us, whose vibrational differences mean that our eyes and equipment cannot usually detect them.

*Some people understand them to be the thoughts of God.

*Some people believe that some people return from an afterlife, in human form, to help mankind. (Earth Angels)

*Others believe that they were created by the Divine Mother spirit or our Christian biblical God to watch over and assist mankind.

* Their very name is a clue, Angelos means messenger -they are sometimes perceived to be messengers from our creator, working with a Universal Mind to help us raise our vibrational levels and link in with the bigger picture for the higher good of all.

The truth of the matter, as ever, depends on what the big picture of our universe actually is.

Aspects of reality

Angels seem to be in our reality helping us. What their true nature is is still a mystery.


The reality of why we cannot always see other beings around us.

other beingsDuring the next few weeks I am going to explore the reality of other beings and entities that seem to be sharing our reality with us. Before I begin, though, I have to ask the fundamental and obvious question. Why can’t we all see them?

Well, there are two (at least) possible answers.

Firstly, as  seemingly solid beings, we are all basically made, at atomic level anyway, from nothing more than vibrating energy. This vibrates at certain frequencies. Our sense organs are tuned into those frequencies. Beings vibrating at other frequencies we simply may not detect, although they may be all around us. We may be able to communicate with them via our minds though.

Secondly, all that we actually see, via our sense organs, is co-ordinated though our brain. Our brain makes sense of things, seeing what it expects or is taught it should see. Even if beings are there, our brain may not recognize them as valid images and not register them.

The truth is though that some people do have the facility for working with and/or seeing these beings. It is their experiences that I will be sharing.




New Horizons

nature spiritHaving come to the end, for now at least, of looking at the “Super clues to reality” ( New book available on kindle only 99p). I am now going to research the next part of my trilogy.This will involve investigating all the other beings that seem to be sharing  our reality with us.  I will look at angels, aliens, nature spirits, ghosts, fairies, elementals and all the other interesting fellow inhabitants of planet Earth. What actually are they? How do they interact with us? Why are they here?

As ever, I would appreciate input from my readers and followers. If you have any insights or experience with any of the above fellow travelers, I would love to hear from you. Either as a comment on this blog, message Marian Matthews on Facebook, or E mail Looking forward to your interaction.


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