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Astrological wisdom

AstrologyAs a December 31st baby I always think of every New Year as a new beginning. Like many others I cannot resist looking at the astrological predictions for my “star sign” Capricorn. Generalized predictions are always a bit unsatisfactory as the true picture does depend on other factors such as actual time of birth as well as date, after all our lives are as individuals and not just one of 12! I always think that astrology is not meant to be an absolute predictive mechanism, but more a satnav warning you about hazards and  showing you the best routes through the year.


The reality of palmistry

Over these last few weeks I have enjoyed looking at those arts and skills  that seem to either predict the future, or seem to act as guidance systems , or  sort of satnavs, to humanity. in doing this I have gained increasing insights into how the universal forces are said to work. The last of these arts that I will look at for the moment is palmistry. This can be also known as Chiromancy and is another ancient and much practiced skill.  As usual my questions are; What is it? Where does it come from? How do you do it? and how could it possibly work? What does its working mean for reality?


The reality of astrology in practice

What ever theories us lay people have that might explain how astrology actually works, I thought it worthwhile asking a very good astrologer that I know what her take on the whole thing was.

Karen is a very talented professional astrologer. She believes that astrology is a function of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Because the sun and moon and planets are the nearest heavenly bodies, they actually affect our lives. The energies they help to create at the moment of our birth affect our character and possible future. She even goes as far as stating that some souls actually choose their date of birth ( or conception) to enable them to choose the most useful energies to fulfill their life purpose. She also stated, most interestingly, that although our future seems written in these stars, of course we do have free will. We do not have to take any notice.

This is fascinating stuff. It was Karen that did my birth chart and that of my husband. She identified that although we were born three months and 5,000 miles apart our birth charts were almost identical. This did explain why from the moment we met, although from totally different back ground and experience, we understood each other totally.

For more information about astrology in practice and Karen herself  check out

Aspects of reality

Timing of birth and it’s energies affects your character and life. It can also help you understand yourself and others. Why should this be so? Is it a factor inherent in the make up of the universe or was it put there by a designer of some sort?


The reality of astrology

Of all the systems used to try to predict the future, the predictive arts, probably the best known is Astrology. It is so ancient that it’s origins are lost in the sands of time. Astrologers believe that the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth can determine both your character and your possible life path. They also believe that, on a day to day basis, the position of the heavenly bodies can indicate possibilities and dangers in daily life ( I call this the satnav function). This can be accessed  by drawing up horoscopes.

The reality of numerology

Of all the predictive disciplines that I looked at in my book researches, the one that felt most alien to me, at first, was numerology. Why does it and why should it work? Its origins seem to go back at least to the time of the Greek philosophers, if not longer. The theory is based on the premise that numbers are significant. Number is the basis of all things and numbers have meanings of their own. It was, and is, thought that by manipulating them, cracking their hidden code, we can find our life’s purpose. They are a gateway to the spiritual laws that exist and govern the structure and forces of the universe and our lives. By breaking the codes encrypted in these numbers we can, in theory, find our own life’s path. Is this likely?


Introduction to prediction

What does the future hold? Can we know? Should we know? Is it actually possible to know?


For  thousands of years man has  attempted to predict the future. Runes, interpretation of dreams, tarot, I ching, numerology, palmistry are just some of the disciplines used. There is a long list of such arts and skills that have been practiced over the ages and still have a following today.

The question has to be asked, why do some of these skills seem to be so perceptive and accurate (in the right hands)? What could be going on in the universe that would allow this to be so? Why are we seemingly receiving help?

There are several suggestions as to what could be going on;

  • It is all total nonsense or superstition, people believe what they want to believe. Believing in a thing means it will be more likely to  happen, thus making it a self fulfilling prophecy. (see post, the reality on endarkenment)
  • There is a patten to these things which can be detected by those clever enough, but it is only that generated by the natural structure and physics of the universe.
  • Those using predictive skills are actually ” reading” the character, emotions and life events from the client. They are not using an outside agency at all.
  • Life is actually all pre planned and the predictors are just somehow  reading the blue print.
  • There is an outside force allowing us to use these skills to help us navigate though life effectively.
  • The very existence of these skills indicates a wonderful big picture of the universe. It idicates a benign creator or intelligent  designer of some sort.

Which of these is true?

What do you think?


The reality of prediction



In my next few posts I will be looking at  predictive, or Satnav, disciplines which some  people use with great effect. Many people believe that they are designed to give guidance though our lives, warning us of pitfalls and indicating possible beneficial paths. If you believe this actually happens, then the next question is why should this be so?

The difficult questions

Why should we have this help? Does it indicate  that our lives are preplanned? If so does that mean an intelligent universe? Or an intelligent designer? Or is it just nonsense?

What do you think?