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How do we know we actually exist?

Do we actually exist?
This is a tricky one, sorry to be quite so heavy, but understanding this is the key to understanding a lot more about our reality and how it functions.
Last time I asked, as energy beings living in an energy matrix, how we knew we were” real” at all. Scary thought but one we should address .This has been debated by philosophers and scientists for thousands of years. The answer is of course, that we only know we exist because we think and are aware. “I think therefore I am”
Interesting enough, we cannot know anyone else exists at all. Interactions with anyone else could be a trick of our brains. All our senses , touch hearing etc, which are the way we make sense of what is around us , are all functions of our brain. Thought comes instantaneously before physical sensation or action. It could be misleading us.
One of the main keys in trying to understand the truth about who and what we are is human consciousness. It is the joker in the pack. Very difficult to pin down but we individually know we have it .It is what makes us us and our vehicle for making sense of the world around us.
The great debate is whether it is one system or two. Whether it is just a function of our physical brains or something else coming in from outside as an add on. If it is the latter, and there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that that is the case, then it opens up vast possibilities for the big picture of who we actually are and our place in the universe. If our consciousness is separate and separable from our physical body, and can be shown to go on after our physical death, then then the big picture possibilities, who we actually are, and what we are doing here get a whole lot more interesting.
.I always think of life as an interactive video game, after all we are at base energy beings living in an energy matrix, only our consciousness makes us who we are. Life comes down to what game you are playing and what your mission is. Our instincts and hints given by the universe and the deep understanding given by our consciousness’s are the best reflections/insights we have. Unfortunately, at the moment the instruction manuals are beyond our reach!

Who and what are we actually?

What and who are we actually?

We think we know who and what we are.When we look about us, at our fellow humans and the world and universe around us, we see seemingly solid entities, rocks, seas and stones stars and planets. Reality, we think, looks substantial and fixed. This is actually an illusion. (more…)

The reality of self limitation.


  The reality is that in every incarnation we have a chance to both develop spiritually and to maximize on our physical life. We also have a chance to use our time on Earth to help to improve life for all around us, and make the world a better place for all, and hopefully have fun doing it. We all have a mission, large or small, something to achieve, or to help others achieve in this life, or perhaps just wisdom to put in the public domain.  So often, as we get older and actually our wisdom and experience are ever improving, that is the time that a lot of people give up on their life mission and goals. The feel that they are too old, and that time has passed them by. The truth is, however that this third age should be our prime. Do not waste it or you will just have to come back and do it all over again.


Are we all just playing a part?

multiple peopleA close loved one died recently and I was again struck how different family members and friends remember the same person. It seems that not only do we change and grow (or shrink) with age, but that different people either see, or bring out, different sides of the same person.

I then took this to a higher level and realised that the loved one was probably actually playing a part in this incarnation. That he was probably never the person I thought he was. He was as he was because I needed him to be that way for my own development. Is this actually true of us all? We may be basically playing the interactive video game of life  after all.

Aspects of reality

In some sense we are all actors in each others lives. It may be more of a cosmic plan than we are aware of.