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Ultimate reality

I watched a recording of the science programme “Horizon” recently. It was about black holes,  and the problems that they cause science as the normal laws of physics seem not to apply at the singularity at the very heart of them. The last quarter of the broadcast, though, was to me the most interesting. It concerned the fundamental nature, the ultimate reality of the rest of the universe and the laws which drive the behaviour of every particle. That is quantum mechanics. At the atomic and sub atomic level nothing is certain. Every thing is perpetually in motion. Nothing is fixed. As we are quantum beings this applies to us. (more…)

Final thoughts on who and what, as human beings, we may be

Previously I asked  the first questions that triggered my quest to understand the true nature of our reality. That is who are we and what are we doing here?

As you can see as per my last few posts,( check out Who and what we are actually, and How do we know we actually exist? Both in Aspects of reality category.) an understanding of the physics of our existence, and the concept of human consciousness opens up more possible answers to those questions than can easily be addressed or understood.

As per my initial glitter ball analogy, all we can see are the reflections back into our reality and the clues we can pick up from them. (more…)

Thought for the day

 I was asked to do a thought for the day sequence for a Facebook group ( Nothing fancy spiritual) and I thought I would share it here as it gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve with my web blog.

Thought for the day,

In all my research for my books on the nature of reality, I started with two burning questions. Who are we, and what are we really doing here? Simple questions but actually almost unanswerable. (more…)

The reality of seeing the future

It has always intrigued me how some people can accurately predict the future, using instinct or tools such as cards or runes. As a big picture reality thinker my question is -What does that say about the mechanisms of the big picture of our reality?

My initial thoughts when I first looked at this problem were, does this mean that the future has already happened? Time, you see is a strange concept. Although we live our lives as if it is linear, we could do it no other way, scientists are always debating whether in fact everything happens at once. Simultaneous rather than linear.

As I understand it now, the truth is even more strange than that. We are of course at base energy beings living in an energy matrix. The atoms that we are made of are nothing more than pinches of energy themselves. The laws that govern their behavior, quantum mechanics, would indicate that all possibilities exist at once. All possible futures exist at once.

The thinking is that, through the Laws of attraction we attract what we want in our lives, consciously or sub consciously. By chance (???) I happened to look at the preamble to Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards.

In explaining how they work she said:

“Every card that you draw out of the deck comes to you for a reason.With the help of your angels and through the spiritual Law of Attraction, you automatically pick cards that mirror your current thoughts and emotions. AND SINCE YOUR FUTURE STEMS FROM WHAT YOU THINK AND DO, THESE CARDS ACCURATELY PREDICT YOUR FUTURE.”

The hint tied up in this statement is that we generate our own future as we go along, choosing from all the possibilities. Is this realistic? Funnily enough, some science may say it is.

Well, I personally have likened our reality, at one level, to an interactive video game.  It may be a strong possibility. It is by looking at these anomalies that we do get clues to the real nature of our reality.

So, some people can predict the future, if we understood the mechanisms properly we would understand more about the true nature itself.

More research needed!

Reality of our interactive life

Just to finish my who are we and what are we actually doing here thread  (check out The Reality of our origins, why are we here? and The reality of our individual purpose posts),  there is one really important final  point to make.

Ultimately the purpose of our life here is a matter for faith and belief as well as science. We may never all agree. The one thing we should all agree on though is that we are all in this life together. We are an interactive reality. We are all connected, not just at the quantum and practical levels, but on a spiritual level also. I have often referred to our existence as an interactive video game, we may even be holographic players.

All we can do though is play as nicely as we can. To be as kind and supportive of others that we can, and to remember if we can improve the game life is better for us all. Every action or inaction has a consequence for others. We cannot save the world or planet single handedly, we can just minimize the damage that we do to it and to others.  Just play the game as best we can, within our own belief system.

We must try harder!


Positively Renewing our reality

Every morning we reset ourselves. Every experience, thought, thing seen, interaction and act combine to remake our consciousness, however slightly. We are different people every day.
Lets stop making it almost accidental, and make it conscious and deliberate. Lets reset positively every morning to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.
Let the positive vibes roll!!!!

The game of life

Fundamental questions about our reality are, by their very nature, unanswerable.  Sometimes a random conversation triggers an unexpected train of thought, which leads to surprising insights. Someone asked me if I thought that everyone around us, in our reality, was actually real. As some of you may know, it has often been a suspicion of mine that some people are not.
After all we are at base nothing more than beings of light, holograms really, with only our consciousness making us human. Anything is possible.
Anyway, my answer was that I have always thought of our reality as an interactive video game. In our game some people are “real” and players and some are just cast members, part of the makeup of the game. All of our realities intertwine. We may be cast members in other’s reality.
What do you think? Also, how can we tell?

The Reality of my superclues

zero point fieldI have given, and refined, my talk SUPER CLUES TO REALITY, many times to various groups and organizations. It always seems to go well. A couple of weeks ago I talked to Christchurch Rainbow group.  I quote their review below, as it actually summarizes the important points in my talk that underpin  my quest to understand the true nature of our reality.

“Our last meeting was an evening with Marian Matthews. This was an extremely interesting and thought provoking talk which has helped many to be more aware of the nature of our Reality.
Marian talked about Quantum Mechanics and how our sub atomic physical construction can explain many phenomena. 

She explained how we are made of vibrating pockets of energy. The Universe itself is also made of energy. The Universe is and Quantum theory states that all energy is interconnected so as we are all energy beings we are all, at a fundamental level interconnected. This explains many things!

Marian also talked about the famous particle experiment and how particles such as photons pass one at a time through a screen containing two slits. When the electrons were observed they acted like Particles. However when not observed, they acted as waves and particles simultaneously. This  has huge implications about some other “force” involved.

She also talked about our thoughts  being just bio energy and how some people can override the filters that are in place in our consciousness/brain by meditation or just be naturally more sensitive and see beyond the physical body.

We and those no longer incarnate are all connected by our soul energies anyway, the oneness of being. Those over riding the physical filters can connect communicate & blend with those who have passed over into the next realm and this is known as mediumship.

We have both a physical body and a spirit body which actually extends beyond the physical. At the lower level spirit body helps co-ordinate the physical. There is a cross over one does affect the other. They are both energy but the spirit body is finer and higher.

It is a known fact now in the medical profession that some part of our consciousness lives on after death. Southampton University sponsored an experiment which proved there was awareness after the patient has clinically died. Hospitals placed items on shelves high up in operation theatres and wrote  on the lamp above the bed so that if someone reported leaving their body floating up above etc they were then asked if they could see what was placed or written on the lamp. The results were that some were able to say what they had seen so proving that an awareness or consciousness had survived.

Marian talked about healing and how energy( from a universal energy stream) is pulled into the spirit body via the chakras and healers using this energy, are able to balance up the chakras and this then can transfer across to the physical body. This outside energy is able to retune the body to correct imbalances.

Marian also talked about how “Sat Nav” sciences as she called them such as Numerology and Astrology seem to be so accurate at predicting our personality, who we are and our predestined life paths and how palmistry reveals our life path and nature of whom we are in our palms. Does this mean each and everyone has a blue print set in place and we have our lives pre planned before we are born?

We would like to thank Marian for a wonderful evening which glimpsed beyond and expanded on the 7 Super Clues to reveal an amazing possible version of the nature of our reality. This definitely made you stop in your tracks and think about things with an increased awareness.”

Thanks marilyn.


If your group would like the full talk, with power point illustrations, please contact me on


Doing the big reality jigsaw

jigsawI have found that trying to understand about the true nature of our reality is like doing a gigantic jigsaw in my head. Unfortunately there is no useful picture to work with! Sometimes I manage to put some bits together, and sometimes I think I have the straight edges  right. The problem is, of course, that whatever we think, our reality is at least 3D and almost certainly multidimensional. Also, as I say in my talks, we as humans are limited beings, constrained by the quality of our sense organs and the ability of our brains to make sense of what we do detect.

I may never succeed in what I am trying to do. After all, what do I know? I am just a layman, non scientist and someone who for years was predominately primarily a wife and mother. The answer is no vested interest, an inquiring mind and an ability to see the wood from the trees. Thanks to the internet there is almost unlimited research material out there in plain sight, and an ability to connect with people who are wiser and more knowledgeable than I.

The most important lesson I have taken from my research is is the fundamental connectedness of all. Understanding this alone begins to make sense of the fundamental questions of who we are and what we are doing here. The search itself is  life enriching. The fellow travellers I have met are wonderful thoughtful people. The insights I have gleaned make my life more interesting.

Anyway, back to the jigsaw…anyone want to join me in putting in the next pieces?






The reality of the big picture of being

collective-consciousnessThe interesting thing about looking at all the other beings that share our reality with us is the light it shines on the big picture of our existence. What part do they play in the jigsaw of the whole?  What does their existence mean for the true picture of our reality? Whilst talking to Sarah Hayward about her work with Angels, she gave me a wonderful new insight into this question.

Sarah works with Angels and Ascended Masters. She said ” All that exists within our reality is part of one consciousness. All beings, no matter what their kind, are acting together as one to create a consciousness that creates experiences which increase the knowledge and growth of all.”

We are all part of one whole, all with our parts to play.

Fascinating stuff, don’t you think?


All links to her books can be found at and