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Why do we need to know? 2

Why should we know 2

Last time I asked why it was important for us to understand the truth about our reality.

The answer was (as I understand it ) ,that according to Buddha, it is lack of understanding of the truth about our reality, that causes suffering to ourselves and others and allows  us to carry out actions that trigger may laws of Karma and cause further problems in various life times.

So what is it that we have to understand? Well on one hand too much to easily put into words in a short post. People spend life times working it out!

But on the other hand, simply that we are energy beings living in an inter- connected energy matrix. Every action and interaction affects the matrix. Everything you do and feel has consequences, often over many life times. Understand that we are part of a great game, most of which is out of our control and may be pre planned, on many levels. Play well, play honest, play kind. As Albert Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion. Albeit a very persistent one.”

Understand this and it becomes easier to play, that is why we should know.

Quantum mechanics and the tarot

  In my last post I explained  how our reality may be changed by our consciousness observing the possibilities of the quantum field. Judith Lock posted  her theory, in reply to my last post, to postulate how this facility actually explained how the Tarot works. I have always thought that the explanation for these other worldly gifts some people have may lie in the nature of the particles that our reality is constructed from. So thank you Judith. with her permission I have reproduced her comment below.

Judith Lock This is, very broadly, how tarot works.
Each card is a representation of a universal archetype. 78 cards +78 reversals = what in maths is called a big number. That is the particular combination on a particular moment on a particular day takes literally aeons, and the use of the word aeon is chosen for its true meaning, to repeat.
Tarot never was intended for fortune telling. Modern tarot has roots in The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and deep renaissance hermetic and alchemical meaning.
When studied diligently, and boy does it take long study more than I ever did for my degree and post grad, it indicates all of the possibilities open to the querent at that moment. This is where it is like quantum physics, because the moment a decision is made then everything changes.
Unfortunately it was and is plagued by people why insist they can tell you your future. The cards indicate the options for the problem, what your future is remains in your hands and decisions, because anything is always possible. I believe the alchemical roots of the cards always display what you have to change within you to achieve the outcome you desire. The question is do you want to live with yourself and/or live the life you would have to choose to achieve this. Sometimes it’s an easy yes, other times much, much more difficult transformation.
Human nature being what it is people generally hear what they want and disregard the rest. Tarot is a guide or a map, not the answer. This is why I no longer read for the general public who don’t know this. I see it as my duty of care.

Very interesting, what do you think?



Reality, subjectivity and uncertainty.

Reality may be more subjective than you may think, not only because of the variations in our sense organs and consciousness in detecting it ( see last post, subjective reality), but because uncertainty, therefore variation, may be built into the mechanics of the universe.

Quantum mechanics, which looks at the science of the smallest particles in our universe which under pins all of our physical creation, has strange rules.  Unlike the conventional Newtonian physics, (Universe as a machine) where particles always do the same thing in the same circumstances, there is no such fixity on the quantum level.

There is particular quantum law which states that all matter exists in all possible states simultaneously. It only fixes into one when someone observes or measures it.

This does have mind blowing implications. Our realities may actually be fixed slightly differently. They are more uncertain and  subjective than we are aware of on a daily basis.

If anyone is interested there are articles about Quantum mechanics under the Science of reality on this website.



Subjective reality

It is beginning to be understood  that our reality is not only not we think it is, but it is also multilayered. Lately I identified three of these layers ( and there may be more). That was ultimate, objective and subjective reality. Track back to see the whole story.

Subjective reality is probably the most interesting.

Firstly, it is subjective because what we see varies from person to person. We see what our eyes and sense organs tell us is there. All incoming data from these sense organs is compiled by our brain. Our brain interprets these according to what it already knows about the world. We see generally what we expect to see .It may not be exactly what the person standing next to us sees. Not to mention that our eyes can only see the wavelengths of light that they are set up to see. It is worth mentioning that we do not see up to  95% of what is there in our reality because our equipment is limited!

Some people do see more of it than others because of the natural variation of the range of their sense organs.

Secondly, There is also another scientific, quantum mechanical reason why our reality is more subjective than we think . I will look at that next time.


Objective reality

Happy new year to all my followers and readers, sorry about the lack of posts during the holidays , but I have managed to get my brain working again!!!!  As some of you may remember, the nature of our reality is my main interest.  My last post looked at possibilities for our ultimate reality. Whatever you think that is (who made us and put us here), there are, at least, two additional forms of our reality in our universe. These are objective and subjective reality. This time I will look at objective reality.

For me, our objective reality is what we have agreed it is. That is what science tells us. It is the version of the possibilities inherent in the structure of the universe that we all see. It is the people around us, the birds, bees and planets and physical universe. Is it all there actually is? Almost certainly not. After all, we can only see what our eyes and physical senses are set up to detect. At least 95% of the universe is dark and unknown. Our objective universe is what, as a species we agree that it is. Is the whole story? almost certainly not. The interesting reality is the subjective one. I will look at that next time.

Ultimate reality

As some of you might know, in both my books, Aspects of reality – a user’s guide to the universe, and my upcoming Super Clues to Reality, I have been trying to work out what the reality we think we live in is all about.  As ever, the deeper you dig there is inevitably more questions than answers and the whole thing becomes even more unknown and mysterious. But to put our individual lives in perspective I think it is important to know what we can.

There are, I have found, three orders of reality. Ultimate, objective and subjective. The last one is of course the most interesting. What do the categories mean? Well follow this thread and all will be revealed in the next few posts, but first ultimate.

Ultimate reality

This addresses the fundamental concept or who we are and where we really came from. What are the fundamentals of our existence?

The only way we know we exist is that we think and are aware of the fact. I say we because there is no real proof that anyone around us actually exists outside of our individual consciousness.

The real question is, who made us and how did we come into existence? Science is not much help here, as it cannot answer the fundamental question of where the energies of the big bang, which is said to trigger the creation of our physical universe, came from. What it can do, though, is to show that via our atomic structure and quantum mechanics, that we, and all of physical creation, are nothing more than energy beings living in an interlinked energy matrix. This opens up more possibilities for our ultimate reality.

So, created by a divine being or intelligent designer of some description? Or are we just a computer simulation, by an alien master computer somewhere? Some think that we are a collective effort, from our spirit selves in a higher dimension, emanating from source. There are endless possibilities but no proof. All we can say is our ultimate reality is unknowable, but that none of the above can be ruled out. All we can be sure of is that we, as individuals exist.

What do you think?

Ultimate reality

I watched a recording of the science programme “Horizon” recently. It was about black holes,  and the problems that they cause science as the normal laws of physics seem not to apply at the singularity at the very heart of them. The last quarter of the broadcast, though, was to me the most interesting. It concerned the fundamental nature, the ultimate reality of the rest of the universe and the laws which drive the behaviour of every particle. That is quantum mechanics. At the atomic and sub atomic level nothing is certain. Every thing is perpetually in motion. Nothing is fixed. As we are quantum beings this applies to us. (more…)

Final thoughts on who and what, as human beings, we may be

Previously I asked  the first questions that triggered my quest to understand the true nature of our reality. That is who are we and what are we doing here?

As you can see as per my last few posts,( check out Who and what we are actually, and How do we know we actually exist? Both in Aspects of reality category.) an understanding of the physics of our existence, and the concept of human consciousness opens up more possible answers to those questions than can easily be addressed or understood.

As per my initial glitter ball analogy, all we can see are the reflections back into our reality and the clues we can pick up from them. (more…)

Thought for the day

 I was asked to do a thought for the day sequence for a Facebook group ( Nothing fancy spiritual) and I thought I would share it here as it gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve with my web blog.

Thought for the day,

In all my research for my books on the nature of reality, I started with two burning questions. Who are we, and what are we really doing here? Simple questions but actually almost unanswerable. (more…)

The reality of seeing the future

It has always intrigued me how some people can accurately predict the future, using instinct or tools such as cards or runes. As a big picture reality thinker my question is -What does that say about the mechanisms of the big picture of our reality?

My initial thoughts when I first looked at this problem were, does this mean that the future has already happened? Time, you see is a strange concept. Although we live our lives as if it is linear, we could do it no other way, scientists are always debating whether in fact everything happens at once. Simultaneous rather than linear.

As I understand it now, the truth is even more strange than that. We are of course at base energy beings living in an energy matrix. The atoms that we are made of are nothing more than pinches of energy themselves. The laws that govern their behavior, quantum mechanics, would indicate that all possibilities exist at once. All possible futures exist at once.

The thinking is that, through the Laws of attraction we attract what we want in our lives, consciously or sub consciously. By chance (???) I happened to look at the preamble to Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards.

In explaining how they work she said:

“Every card that you draw out of the deck comes to you for a reason.With the help of your angels and through the spiritual Law of Attraction, you automatically pick cards that mirror your current thoughts and emotions. AND SINCE YOUR FUTURE STEMS FROM WHAT YOU THINK AND DO, THESE CARDS ACCURATELY PREDICT YOUR FUTURE.”

The hint tied up in this statement is that we generate our own future as we go along, choosing from all the possibilities. Is this realistic? Funnily enough, some science may say it is.

Well, I personally have likened our reality, at one level, to an interactive video game.  It may be a strong possibility. It is by looking at these anomalies that we do get clues to the real nature of our reality.

So, some people can predict the future, if we understood the mechanisms properly we would understand more about the true nature itself.

More research needed!