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Shiatsu healing -using the meridians

When looking at the aspects of reality that are revealed to us by successful healing, the oriental based natural healing methods are of particular interest. This is because of what they reveal about the true nature of the human body, in particular the energy pathways through it, which they call meridians. It is along these pathways, which are said to be invisibly embedded within the physical body, that the life force, called qi or chi is said to flow. Blockages and imbalances within the chi, are said to cause ill health. There are several ways of addressing this. Acupuncture seeks to release these blockages and imbalances by inserting thin needles into nodal points on the meridians. Acupressure seeks to do the same by just pressing the acupuncture points. Practitioners use finger and palm pressure on access points to the energetic pathways, to improve the flow of qi. This, as in acupuncture, then allows the body to re-balance and heal itself. (more…)