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The reality of gravity and its vortexes and space-time- part 1

As regular readers may realize, I am a generalist rather than a specialist, and I love interaction from any readers of my blogs and Facebook group and page. I often get clues, hits or different perspectives on the topic I am exploring. Chris Harris (Thank you Chris) brought to my attention a phenomena that I did not realize existed. That of gravity vortexes.

Of all the “scientific” Earth energies that I have looked at, you would think that gravity would be the most straightforward. It is the attraction between celestial bodies that holds us, and the other planets, in position around the Sun and holds the moon in position around our Earth, as well as keeping us on the surface of the Earth.
We deal with gravity every day and we feel that we know what it is. Of course, in practice there is more dissension about what is really going on with it than you would think. Is it just attraction between bodies? Is it a warping of space and time, as per Einstein’s theory of general relativity? Why is it relatively weak? ( We should not be able to lift our feet off the ground). It has been suggested to me that it is just another form of magnetism but that cannot be quite true as magnetism repels as well as attracts and gravity does not appear to do that. (more…)

Alien contact -Wise words from Chris Harris

alien good versus evilA couple of weeks ago I shared Genna’s story about her encounter with a UFO which changed her life.  Chris Harris sent me his thoughts which I am sharing with you now. It concerns the government cover up of the alien/ufo phenomena.

“All major governments are of course in touch with alien groups that are visiting our planet. It is the science and truth known to these travelers that prevents disclosure. To have a full understanding of the mechanics of space-time and to understand the reality behind each of our souls inter connectivity and immortality is to know more than can be released to Earth humans at this time. To unleash revelations exposed by the exotic science of our alien contacts, is a logistical nightmare that governments are trying to address. It is not panic of the masses at stake it is the sanity of us all. Things now so important to us that cement the world together would dissolve if our education is too fast.”

Aspects of reality

Is that really why alien contact is been suppressed?