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Mechanisms for continuation after death

In my last three posts ( the reality of death and other dimensions, mediums and spiritualism), I discussed communicating with the dead. I also talked about  what aspects of reality this possibility would indicate. This included a multidimensional universe. Part of trying to  prove that part of us  can go on after death, is working out how it might be possible. We can talk about the spirit leaving the body and passing to another dimension, but the mechanism is not easily explained. What follows is one attempt at an explanation given to me by a friend who is a medium. (more…)

Communicating with the dead- mediums

We all, at sometime or another, wonder what happens to us when we die. Is that the end of things? If not, where could our souls, or spirits, go after death? Could there actually be other unseen dimensions around us? Could there be somewhere for the spirits of the departed to go to? If so, what big picture could this illuminate? What clues or proofs are available to settle these questions either way? (more…)