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The universe in an atom, Vincentes words

zero point fieldIt is always fascinating to hear other people’s first hand experiences of spiritual revelations, or other worldly visions. When I asked if anyone had any to share. I had some wonderful replies. The following came from Vicente via G+. I was going to condense it, but it is so beautiful and profound that I have just published it in his own words.

“When I was 14 years old, I was looking at the stars and was very relaxed.
It was like my mind just started to roam the around the universe and went out side of the universe to the point of seeing multiple universes. It did not stop there, I kept going until all the universes were coming together to appear as one point of light. Then i started to see other points of light that were moving and light was all around me. This light also permeated what I thought at the time, my body. It felt comforting, like being in the womb.
These points of moving light were getting closer and bigger, as this happened, I was seeing things that to explain in words can not be done.
Some of it could be explained, the moving points of light began to pickup speed as they drew near. This is when I realized, that I was seeing the inner workings of an atom, an atom that contained all of the universes in our immense neighborhood of space. Then I heard a voice say,” continued expansion as you experienced thus far would only repeat this process again. This answers your question about infinity.” I asked if I was in an atom. A reply came back: “Yes, and it is the same in your reality, an atom contains more life than you may estimate.”  At this point I was speechless due to the awe of the sight and what I had heard. Then I was apparently shown what was meant by the answer to my question. I felt a sensation of shrinking, what i was seeing was the reverse of what happened to get to where I was. I felt sorrow I think because I did not want to leave there yet because it was beautiful. I was returning to where I had started, but kept going in the direction of being smaller and smaller. things starting looking huge, things like cells, then molecules and finally the atom. before I knew it, I was inside the atom while it was expanding outwards incredibly fast, the same thing was witnessed as before but in reverse. this kept on until universes started to appear, then galaxies, then individual stars. I even noticed that planets started to appear that looked familiar, because they were. I was traveling back towards earth and landed right back where I was and before me, was me laying there looking at the stars.”

Aspects of reality

In dreams or mediation it may be possible to leave the physical body and see what is actually there in our universe.