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Quantum mechanics and the tarot

  In my last post I explained  how our reality may be changed by our consciousness observing the possibilities of the quantum field. Judith Lock posted  her theory, in reply to my last post, to postulate how this facility actually explained how the Tarot works. I have always thought that the explanation for these other worldly gifts some people have may lie in the nature of the particles that our reality is constructed from. So thank you Judith. with her permission I have reproduced her comment below.

Judith Lock This is, very broadly, how tarot works.
Each card is a representation of a universal archetype. 78 cards +78 reversals = what in maths is called a big number. That is the particular combination on a particular moment on a particular day takes literally aeons, and the use of the word aeon is chosen for its true meaning, to repeat.
Tarot never was intended for fortune telling. Modern tarot has roots in The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and deep renaissance hermetic and alchemical meaning.
When studied diligently, and boy does it take long study more than I ever did for my degree and post grad, it indicates all of the possibilities open to the querent at that moment. This is where it is like quantum physics, because the moment a decision is made then everything changes.
Unfortunately it was and is plagued by people why insist they can tell you your future. The cards indicate the options for the problem, what your future is remains in your hands and decisions, because anything is always possible. I believe the alchemical roots of the cards always display what you have to change within you to achieve the outcome you desire. The question is do you want to live with yourself and/or live the life you would have to choose to achieve this. Sometimes it’s an easy yes, other times much, much more difficult transformation.
Human nature being what it is people generally hear what they want and disregard the rest. Tarot is a guide or a map, not the answer. This is why I no longer read for the general public who don’t know this. I see it as my duty of care.

Very interesting, what do you think?



The reality of how Tarot actually works

 Tarot cards

When I wrote my book, ASPECTS OF REALITY – USER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE, I spoke about  the special talents that some people have to seemingly see into the future. What is more, I differentiated between predictive (tarot etc) and satnav or guidance (astrology and the like) skills.  However the more research I did in talking to some of these talented  practitioners, the more that I realised that the distinction was all wrong. It is only in beginning to understand the big picture of the universe, and the mechanism behind each function, that I realised that all of the predictive disciplines are satnav only. I also came to understand that what is written is written, but by whatever mechanism our predictive  life path is  retrieved it is not set in stone, but can be altered by our actions.  Because  the important thing to remember is that we all have free will.