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Listening rather than speaking

marianHaving been away on the Spanish/ French border for a few weeks this year, I am as ever, humbled by the way that people switch between both languages, and English and Catalan, without much apparent effort. Indeed we often find ourselves speaking a mixture!  As English speakers though we tend to get lazy, although in our defence often our attempts to speak other languages are answered in English.

Anyway, If there are no English speakers I have noticed it is surprising how much French or Spanish we can drag up when we need to, to enable us to communicate. I also thought, does that apply to animals, aliens or plants or even the universe itself? If we stopped speaking and listened to the languages all around us and started to try and understand them rather than expecting that they should understand us, who knows what we may learn.

What do you think?


Just a thought.


The reality of self limitation.


  The reality is that in every incarnation we have a chance to both develop spiritually and to maximize on our physical life. We also have a chance to use our time on Earth to help to improve life for all around us, and make the world a better place for all, and hopefully have fun doing it. We all have a mission, large or small, something to achieve, or to help others achieve in this life, or perhaps just wisdom to put in the public domain.  So often, as we get older and actually our wisdom and experience are ever improving, that is the time that a lot of people give up on their life mission and goals. The feel that they are too old, and that time has passed them by. The truth is, however that this third age should be our prime. Do not waste it or you will just have to come back and do it all over again.


Why are we here?

marianIt is often asked why we are here, why did we choose to incarnate in this particular body and put ourselves through the trials and tribulations of existence on planet Earth? Well, we did choose it, you know. Hard as that is sometimes to grasp as we struggle through.

Many of us feel that we have missions, although we are never sure whether we can or have fulfilled them or not. Anyway the truth is that there is purpose behind our existence, great or small. Happiness is to be found, not in being selfish individuals, but in living this life, participating in this joint interactive video game of ours as best and as nobly as we can.

So happiness can, and should perhaps only, be measured in what we can do to to make things better for all. That is in always  doing the right thing and raising humanities game. It is also found in appreciating and being thankful for the gift of our existence here on this beautiful planet. We will understand the bigger picture when we go on to the next level.


.Mysterious ways of the universe.

marianIt’s funny how things happen sometimes. You are just chatting to friends and someone says something casually to you that suddenly totally shifts your perceptions.

This happened to me twice last week.  One friend said to me  “You don’t know who you touch”. So true. People pick up your pearls of wisdom without you being aware that they do. Sometimes we think we are broadcasting into thin air, this is rarely true, you never know who is listening.

Secondly, someone else said  ” Of course, you must remember that it may take several life times for you to achieve what you are trying to do” Another blindingly obvious in retrospect remark. It has certainly taken the pressure off me in this incarnation!

Anyway, the universe certainly works in mysterious ways, giving us the messages we need to hear when we least expect it, and from someone seemingly random. Keep listening or chatting.

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Differing aspects of us

multiple peopleA friend of ours has recently acquired a lovely new partner. He was always very sound and good hearted, but as it has been remarked upon in the wider friendship circle, he seems to have become much nicer open and generally more friendly. Almost a new man. His late wife was a wonderful woman, but X has brought out a softer, nicer side to his personality.

This made me think how many differing aspects that we all have to our personalities. Several different people are probably inside us. The personalities that we develop, in our interactive reality, depend more than we think on who we interact with and our circumstance in life.On which aspects are brought out. Not only that but friends at the opposite end of the spectrum may see almost completely different people.

Anyway, just another example of the absolute fluidity of our reality in practice. We cannot even really be sure of who, as people, we or our friends really are.

What do you think?