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A question about the reality of time again

One of the concepts that we take for granted in our reality is that of linear time. As a concept it is almost never questioned. We actually perceive our reality, our lives as biological beings, though the lens of this linear time.

Would it surprise you to know that although we see it as linear and even, there are a whole lot of doubts that that is actually the case? How often to we feel that it contracts, expands or even sometimes seems to repeat itself?

I came across a quote/question  on Facebook the other day.Nassim Haramein said words to the effect “Without memory there is no time”. On one level, of course, he is correct. Our understanding of time relies on the mechanism of memory. We know that there is a past present and future. At base it is more complex than that though.

Surprisingly, science is actually split on the subject. There are two main theories on the real nature of time. Firstly that it is in fact linear, secondly that everything happens simultaneously, and as humans we just perceive it to be linear. Also, if it is seen as just another force in the universe, it may flex as other forces flex around it.

So what seems a straight forward taken for granted thing is actually more uncertain and questionable than we realize on a day to day basis.

Aspect of reality

Although we seem to  live life according to linear time it may be an illusion.




The reality of deja vu

Having thought that I had finished my blog “time” sequence ( The reality of time, Does it matter about the reality of time, The reality of time revisited, time and consciousness), I had a strange experience the other day which prompted me to add one last footnote.

I was walking down my stairs at home to do something particular, when I realized that I was feeling a strong sense of deja vu. That is, I was reliving an exact moment in time that I had lived before. Now many of us do report this phenomena and almost laugh it off as a trick of the brain. Indeed, when married to my former husband I often felt that I had lived this life with him before. I was either doing a complete re run or a slightly different variation!

This time, having explored the nature of time more carefully, I thought of a possible explanation for these feelings.

If you remember the great debate is science is whether or not time is linear, or simultaneous and just perceived as linear. Einstein saw time as just another factor, or force, in the universe – like gravity- that flexes and changes as the other forces change. If this is true then time would vary. Sometimes it would compress, sometimes it would expand and sometimes it may even appear to run backwards. Although our consciousness is set up to perceive time as linear, this may explain deja vu. We may be repeating parts of our lives or if time is indeed simultaneous then our consciousness may just be accessing the same part twice.

Aspects of Reality

Time  is just another factor in the universe. Despite what we perceive, it may not be fixed at all.

Consciousness and time

I had intended to finish my “Time” series last week, but one of my readers made a point which I thought was well worth clarifying. This concerned the role of consciousness in our understanding of time. I had  already mentioned the fact that the true understanding of the concept of time, and how it operates in our universe, can only really be achieved if we properly understand who and what WE really are. How can we begin to answer this? The fact is who we are as human beings actually boils down to the nature of our consciousness. It is with this human consciousness, or awareness, that we observe and interact with the world and perceive time.

Whether or not time is actually linear or simultaneous (happening all at once) was the initial question that sparked all this debate. As before mentioned, some physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one. This does not matter on a day to day basis as it is our consciousness which perceives it to be linear. We could simply not live our lives if it was any other way. I am told that there are other worlds where this is not so, but for us that is the case.

The age old unanswerable question is, of course, where does this consciousness come from? To answer that we have to consider whether it could be just a side effect of human evolution, part of our animal brain? Or is it gifted by a creator being? Are we here randomly, or are we here for a purpose? Why human life?What is the real nature of this consciousness? Until we can answer those questions, we cannot really make sense of the conundrum of time, and why it needs to be as it is.

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.



The reality of time revisited


I had lots of feedback- thank you- via Facebook after my last post about time. (The reality of time and does it matter about the reality of time?)  One of the questions asked was, how can time be simultaneous and seem linear at the same time? How can we get our heads around this concept? The easy answer is that our limited physical bodies are programmed, or have evolved, to perceive time as being linear. Our sense organs do not necessarily register all of what is around us in the universe.

The truth is as beings limited, as we are, by the quality of these sense organs (eyes, ears etc) and the capacity of our brains, we may not be able to understand the real answer. In the end it boils down to the ultimate questions of the nature of our consciousness and the real reason why we seem to be living in this universe at all. That is, who as human beings we actually are and what we are doing here. These are the real questions, and until we understand them we cannot really make sense of the conundrum of the nature of time. The question is very difficult and perhaps we are not supposed to know !!

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.

Does it matter about the reality of time?

 Last week I posted about the scientific reality of time, and how there are two alternative theories about its fundamental nature. Unfortunately I neglected to mention the most important factor in our understanding of time. That is, why does the mechanics of it actually matter? How does that knowledge impact our lives?

Obviously, on a day to day basis we understand time as linear, going in a straight line. Indeed it would impossible to cope with life any other way. The alternative view, held by many spiritualist thinkers, and by some high level physicists, is that everything is happening simultaneously and we just perceive it to be linear as we live our lives.

The truth is that although it makes no difference to our everyday lives, for the big picture of reality this is a vital difference. Put simplistically, if time is non linear then the future has already happened. If true this has massive implications for our journey though life and our assumptions of free will. Could this be why some people can see the future? What do you think?

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.


The reality of time
As regular readers will know, when looking at esoteric topics I always look first at any underlying  science. It is amazing how often that scientific explanations begin to look possible for even the most alternative view of the real nature of the universe.
 To this end a Daily Telegraph headline grabbed my attention just a few weeks ago.
It said   “Is it time to rewrite the laws of physics ?
This was actually a play on words because the article was actually discussing the physics of the concept of time itself. Unsurprisingly this is a topic that has been debated for thousands of years. Is it fixed? Does it actually exist or not? Is it linear or does everything happen at the sametime and we just perceive it to be linear?