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The reality of Karma- 2

karma 1I have been asked how does Karma work in practice. Well people do have slightly different views, but the essential is that the concept is considered one of the universal laws of wisdom. In particular that of universal harmony and balance.

The standard view seems to be as follows ; On a universal scale, assuming re incarnation, our souls are seeking development acquired from incarnation in our many lives on this and probably other planets. We seek to play out different types of life and experiences good or bad. When we are beyond, un incarnate in body, we make soul contracts to experience life in all its variations. We play different parts, good or bad, and will play both sides of a situation.  When we are born, as blank slates, we forget our agreement and will play out lives reacting to what is thrown at us. Often if we do not get the message, the same patterns will repeat themselves, even with the same people. This continues until we have accepted or forgiven our protagonist or situation. The Karma is then balanced. Universal order is then restored.

This explains why seemingly good people have horrible things, undeserved, happen to them. It may be Karma from a previous life that they have to work through.

Aspects of reality

Karma is a force in our reality, key to maintaining universal order.