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Manifesting using magic, spells or prayer

wheel6titleAnother interesting manifesting tool, ancient but powerful, is that of magic, or magik.  Reality is changed using spells or incantations and the energies of the mind, natural enegies and even energies of  outside forces.

There seems many forms and different ways of doing magic or changing reality with spells.  To complex, as an outsider, to easily sum up. All you can say is, like prayer,  spells and incantations can be seen as  another form of mind focus and may also be tapping into a higher energy.

As I understand it Wiccans often use the power and energy of the natural world and the elemental to enhance and strengthen any intent or spell. This is particularly powerful in a circle or group situation.

Is magic just mind power, mind power enhanced by outside energies, or , as in prayer, an attempt to harness creator beings to alter reality on your behalf?

The answer depends again on your belief system or understanding of the nature of our reality. As in prayer, the anecdotal belief that it works is quite considerable. The only difference worth noting is the fact that whilst generally prayer seeks to improve and benefit, magic  in the wrong hands can be used to dark purposes also. It is all attempted manifestation though!

Aspects of Reality

1-Magic (and prayer) may be mind power enhanced with outside energies.

2-Both may be using an intervention of outside powers.