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Feed the right wolf

new marianSaw an episode of “Death in Paradise” on TV the other night. Good clean fun unrealistic story as ever, but one of the characters discussed a concept which really struck a chord in me.

We all have two wolves inside us, one positive and one negative. They are always to some extent fighting. Which one will win? The answer is the one you feed. So feed your positive wolf and let your negative wolf starve. Give positivity an easy victory.



Listening rather than speaking

marianHaving been away on the Spanish/ French border for a few weeks this year, I am as ever, humbled by the way that people switch between both languages, and English and Catalan, without much apparent effort. Indeed we often find ourselves speaking a mixture!  As English speakers though we tend to get lazy, although in our defence often our attempts to speak other languages are answered in English.

Anyway, If there are no English speakers I have noticed it is surprising how much French or Spanish we can drag up when we need to, to enable us to communicate. I also thought, does that apply to animals, aliens or plants or even the universe itself? If we stopped speaking and listened to the languages all around us and started to try and understand them rather than expecting that they should understand us, who knows what we may learn.

What do you think?


Just a thought.


The crafting wisdom

Someone was advertising a crafting session in their home in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to. This led to a discussion about the fact that to create new beautiful things you often have to destroy the old stuff and re-use the raw materials.  I thought this was a wonderful allegory for life. How often do we have all the basic good raw materials, but create a life that is not quite how we want it? Sometimes we live with all our old stuff  ( emotional, spiritual and material) not seeing that, with thought and skill, it could all be crafted into a better product. The trouble is that it needs courage and imagination to see that sometimes we need to disassemble and destroy in order to rebuild.

So, look to your lives, see how you could re craft with all your raw materials to create a life, or product, that you really want.If we all did that the world would be a happier place.


The reality of our personal new year

It so happens that my birthday is on 31st of December.19** so every January 1st I know that I am a year older. This makes, for me, New Year’s resolutions even more potent and important.

This year I realized two things,

Firstly, rather than make detailed lists, especially those involving giving up chocolate, it would be better just to resolve to be the best person I can be in all areas of my life. This would be both easier and more difficult, hard to measure, but would be a year long effort, not just for January!!!!!

Secondly, I wondered what the reality implications were for this? This may seem a strange question, but I spend my time looking and writing about many facets of out reality ( as per my book- Aspects of Reality-a user’s guide to the universe). How can the knowledge and insights I have gained translate into something mundane as Earthly New Year’s resolution?

There were several things I thought of;

  • I have come to think of life in this reality as being almost some sort of interactive video game. Everything we do, even small things, affects all around us. Lets make it a co-opertive game rather than a competitive one, as far as possible. If we all work, even in small ways to improve the game it will be a win win situation.

  • I found reality to be more uncertain and more individual than most people realise. If you look at the quantum level, every possibility, every variation is there simultaneously. We just seemingly choose, or manifest, which we are conscious in and are aware of. Lets manifest positivity and good choices this year. For the greater good as well if possible.

  • Astrologically it its to be a bit of a roller coaster year. A year of changes on all levels. All important changes usually involve challenges. We do not always want them, even if it means that they are better for us long term. If plans for us and the planet are really written in the heavens then they will happen, whether we want them or not. Let us just resolve to face all challenges with good grace and a positive attitude. In any changing situation there are winners and losers, lets just hope, and work for, any changes being for the greater good.


The power of love

Recently I posted a story about how the power of love seemingly brought a baby back from the dead. This week I will finish my love cycle with a story ab0ut a baby born sick and possibly brain damaged, who was revived by a mass effort of love and healing.

My dear friend F emailed me with very sad news about her new baby grand daughter. Unexpectedly there had been problems with the birth and the baby was born brain damaged and needing help with her vital functions. The poor young parents were told that there was “nothing there” and that they would have to make hard decisions (IE turn off life support).

F knew that there was something there, despite what the doctors had to say. She described how she had seen that the child was trying to focus on its mum. She put out a request to all her healing friends to send distance healing and love. That very day, it was as if someone had thrown a switch. She felt this enormous wave of healing and the baby suddenly improved dramatically. It went from death’s door to being well enough to go home. Brain dead was now reclassified to brain bruised. She has problems, but not insurmountable ones long term.

Love is then proven to be  a  powerful force that, if focused, can achieve miracles. Is it just part of being human, a gift from a creator, or part of the divine itself? I am more and more inclined to think that it is the latter.

Life would anyway be very difficult without it.

What do you think?


The reality of the power of love

Last week I wrote about the reality of love . I looked briefly at what it was and what aspects of reality may be indicated by its very existence.  What I did not discuss was what could be sometimes seemingly achieved  with its power.


The reality of endarkenment

We are told that when our civilisation emerged from the chaos of the so called  dark ages, it embarked on what became known as the age of enlightenment.

During this time, from the 17th Century onwards really, the trend was away from superstition and tyranny and towards  rationality, philosophy  and the beginnings of proper scientific thinking. There were great leaps forward in all aspects of  arts and sciences. The ideas of  one scientist in particular resonate with us still today. That is Sir Isaac Newton.

 Sir Isaac Newton

It was during this time that Isaac Newton wrote his famous work.  philosopiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in 1687, laid the foundations for most of classical mechanics.  In this work, Newton described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, which dominated the scientific view of the physical universe for the next three centuries. The great rational breakthrough was his concept of the natural laws. He felt that  the workings of the universe were predictable and constant. The world was like a machine. If we did not understand the results, it was because we did not yet  understand all the processes. Everything, in the end, would be explainable. This was explosive, groundbreaking but enlightening, stuff.


Having reigned almost supreme for at least three centuries science now feels under attack. Some scientists feel that the principles of rationality and scientific proof are now under threat. The feeling is that the beliefs of the new age thinkers, such as those that I have been discussing for the last 18 months, are threatening this enlightenment. In moving away from the absolute proofs of science, from the Newtonian notion of the universe as a predictable machine, we are turning the clock back into the superstitions of the dark ages. We are moving into the age, not of enlightenment, but into endarkenment.

Are we endarkening?

There are several points to consider;

  • High science, in the form of quantum mechanics, is itself threatening the Newtonian scientific model. Fundamental particles at the quantum level are fundamentally uncertain in their behavior. Everything is made from these fundamental particles. This is scientific fact not superstition.
  • The belief in many alternative healing systems, like homeopathy and acupuncture, which have empirically, if not scientifically, been seen to be effective are considered to be a step back into the dark ages. However, possible scientific explanations for their working are beginning to be looked at. They would not have been used so extensively for so long in our culture if they were only “witchcraft”. The science may be there, just not understood yet. Pursuing this should be seen as a step to further enlightenment, not endarkenment.
  • Perhaps we are ready for another great leap forward as a race. It may be that we are mistaken in some scientific principles and that the total big picture of our existence may be not what we think it is. Limiting our thinking,  automatically dismissing anything not provable by current science, may be a fundamental error.

Some people will always fear change, transitions in thinking are always difficult. Indiscipline and chaos are always to be avoided. People are scared of losing certainty.Yet there are so many clues that there is a bigger picture to our existence, not yet provable by science, that should not be dismissed out of hand as mere superstition. It may be that future generations will think of now as the dark ages!

What do you think?






The reality of music


Why music? It may seem a strange question but in looking at the complex realities of the world around us, I have often wondered about the real purpose of the arts.  What is the reason for the human liking for drama, music, painting and sculpture etc? Are they just things that have developed over the years of ways to enjoy ourselves? Or is there a more complex evolutionary or big picture reason for their existence? How do they affect our reality? For me, the most interesting of these art forms with which to to pose the question is music.



The reality of love

As it was valentines day when I originally wrote this post, I thought it was time to say something about the reflection of reality that is love.

What is love?

The answer is that it is, of course, an emotion.
What is an emotion? Well now that is the tricky question.
The theory is that all thoughts and emotions are actually generated in our  minds.

Where do our minds come from?

Our minds are supposed to be  generated from the biochemical energy and firing of neurons and synapses of the individual’s physical brain.  Could that be enough to generate this wonderful feeling?

The answer depends on whether we are actually just biological beings, products of random evolutionary forces, or something more.

The reality of love

Is love a universal gift, emanating from a creator God or a higher reality ?

Or is it just a function of  a purely mechanistic physical brain?

Personally the latter alternative does not seem possible.

What do you think?






Tthe reality of decision making

There are people around us who pride themselves on always making decisions logically. The interesting thing is that they are not always as right as they think they are. Our brain, through our sense organs, is always registering and synthesizing information. Our conscious mind could simply not cope if it was aware of all that our eyes, skin ears nose and mouth were always taking in. Our thinking brain would be overloaded if it were to be consciously processing all the information that our sense organs were absorbing. We are consciously aware of only a small amount of of what is actually going on.

Much of the information does not get as far as being registered in our conscious mind, although our subconscious mind may be aware of it. Sometimes this manifest itself in something like intuition. We know something but do not know why we know it. It is also worth mentioning that the information is then processed through, and made sense of, in the context also of our previous experiences. This may include past life experiences.

Logic is a very valuable tool in any decision, provided all the parameters are known. For other decisions, instinct and intuition, combined with logic is often the more powerful method. It simply gives access to a wider base for decision making. Our subconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind. Without instinct and intuition, logical decisions may be fine on small clear cut matters, on the complex issues instinct is almost always a better bet. Trust your gut feelings!!!!!!!