The Akashic Records

When researching for clues to some aspects of reality, I often come across, seemingly  strange, ideas or concepts that are completely new to me. The most intriguing of these recently was the potential  existence of something called the Akashic records.

Akashic records

The Akashic records are supposed to be a “data base” containing all knowledge of human existence and the history of the cosmos. They record the past present and future of all of existence. They can be likened either to a super computer or even to the mind of God. This is an ancient concept, accepted by many ancient religions as well as by many “New agers” today.

Where are they?

They are supposed to exist  in the non physical plane of existence. Evolved beings can allegedly access them through astral projection. Some people say, however, that rather than hard records, they are just a form of collective consciousness.

Consequences of their existence for the nature of  reality

If they do exist, in whatever form, then this does indicate  some interesting  possibilities.

  • That there is a non physical plane of existence that contributes to our lives in the physical world.
  • That our  life, or lives, are not just pure chance, but are in some way planned or predetermined.
  • That an organising  force of some sort is directing life in the cosmos.


The existence of the Akashic records is obviously scientifically unprovable. It is a very interesting concept though.  I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who feels that they have seen them, or had experiences of them.  Can you help me?


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