The art of Dowsing

Dowsing is a traditional way of locating Earth energies. Using rods, as above, pendulums, or your own bodies the changes in energy on the surface of the Earth, can be detected. The rods will move together or dip. People use dowsing to find ley lines, water, electric cables, minerals, in fact anything that sends out a different energy signal to the standard Earth energies at that particular spot. Dowsers often use rods as above, but people can dowse using twigs or a or all sorts of materials.Your own body can be used to feel the energy. A dear friend of mine began a life time’s fascination with dowsing when saw a waterboard official locate a water leak accurately with two old rusty strips of metal!

Personal experience

I was shown a high energy spot by a family member. It was in a grassy open field. As I walked across, my pendulum swung violently. More interestingly I could feel energy flowing up my body. A negative energy spot was pointed out, a feeling of great unease came over me as I stood on it. Spookily, the photos that I took of the energy spot would not upload properly.

A disclaimer

I do need to point out that the subject is very complex, and there is much argument/ discussion among practitioners and experts about what is really going on and what energies are actually involved. This is a simplified explanation that I am giving here, but one that will enable you to do your own research if interested.

Our Input

One of the things I have found most interesting, that never before occurred to me, was the fact that our energies contribute to the Earth energy final total. This happens in two ways.

Firstly, we are beings made at base from atomic energy. Our bodies are complex organic machines and our bio systems are continually exchanging energy, mechanical and  chemical processes are always taking place. Our thoughts are bio energy and may flow far beyond our physical bodies.

Secondly, our subtle or spirit bodies similarly may reach beyond or physical bodies.

Our Earth is an interactive system. We leak out or give energy to the Earth continually, as it gives energy to us. When people pray in sacred sites, prayer energy is absorbed by them. When people walk along the paths or pilgrimage routes some of their energies may linger. For example, Pat notice an increase of energy after Morris dancing had taken place.


How does dowsing work?

I am told that we can all dowse. Some people are natural dowsers and other people have to learn. There is some sort of scientific explanation as to why it works.

Scientists say  that what happens when people dowse is that ideomotor movements kick in.  These are muscle movements caused by subconscious mental activity – making anything held in the hands move. It looks and feels as if the movements are involuntary. The same phenomenon has been shown to lie behind movements of objects on a Ouija board, and I expect pendulums.

As  I understand it,what they are actually saying is that we are picking up with our senses these energy changes. Our conscious mind is not registering them. Our subconscious mind is detecting them and ordering the hands or body to react. All I know is that it does work and is used very successfully by many people.

An interesting  hint of a bigger picture

  Judith Lock informs me that some leys act like dot to dots, they connect points on the ground that map out an astronomical zodiac. These are called astronomical leys. Belinus for example follows Deneb (the northern cross). Many track to Ursa Major. Judith has an interesting website about the subject of dowsing, check out I will look at the astronomical leys next time.

Aspects of Reality

1-It is possible to detect energy differences with dowsing.

2-We, ourselves, contribute to the Earth Energy fields.

3-Dowsing allegedly  works because of ideomotor movements of our sub conscious mind.

4- Astronomical leys give hints of an energetic, cosmos wide bigger picture.





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