The astral plane

Just editing my life after death chapter in my Superclues to reality book. I realized that I had not done enough about the astral plane. It is interesting because it brings together, on some level, the religious and non religious views of life after death.

The astral plane

The astral plane was believed by the ancients to be a plane (or dimension?) crossed by the soul in its astral or spirit body on the way to be born or on its way home after death. It is also where the angels and other immaterial beings reside.

Another, more modern, view is that it refers to whole of spirit existence where all that leave the physical body go and live their non –physical lives. It is much larger than the physical universe and is teeming with spiritual beings and spiritual worlds.

It also tunes in with the religious view of creation. It may encompass Heaven. The ancient  illustration shows God at the centre of it all

Other religions have the same concept. In Islam it is known as “The Barzakh, olam mithal”, or intermediate world. In Judaism it is known as, “The world of Yetzirah

An interesting concept embracing both ancient and modern wisdom.

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  1. Victoria says:

    The Astral plane can be accessed by the living using certain techniques…see Sylvan Muldoon on Astral Projection.
    This is the technique used in Remote Viewing.
    When Near Death Experiences (NDE) occur , the Astral body becomes active while the subject will temporarily leave the physical body without going over.

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