The Crystalline planet energy grid

  What is an Earth grid? Well, a grid is made of geometrical flow lines of gravity in the structure of the Earth itself. This is agreed on, but is not the whole story . As Richard Lefors Clark PHD stated in his article Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes,” Pyramids and ley lines are on the power transfer lines of natural Earth gravity.”

Alongside all the “conventional ” scientific  energy grid theories, there are other different grid theories that exist.  These apparently go against the grain of modern scientific thinking, but  many people are researching  interesting alternatives and people seem to have known about them for millennia.

For instance, one of these, the knowledge of the so called crystalline Earth grid, with flows of cosmic energy, is ancient and seems to have been used and understood by a number of previous civilizations. There are other alternative grids which I will look at later.

Crystalline Planet

This sees the Earth as a large crystal from its inception as a planet. Over 2000 years ago Socrates apparently alluded to the idea that the Earth view from above would look like all ball made out of 12 pieces of skin sewn together.

People are taking this seriously even now. Russian scientists, in the 1960’s are said to have published in Khimiya I Zhizn a paper entitled “ Is the Earth a large crystal?”

Their theory was that a matrix of cosmic energy was built into the Earth at the time it was formed, traces of which can still be seen today. There were 12 pentagonal slabs, a dodecahedron. Overlaid  are 20 equilateral triangles. This entire structure can be seen in the siting of ancient civilisations, earth faults and magnetic anomalies etc.

The Great Pyramid at Giza, Sarawk site of megalithic structures, Easter Island and many other sites of megalithic structures or sacred places can be found on the major grid intersections. As is the alleged Nazi base in the Antarctic.

Other researchers, although working along the same lines, have postulated slightly different values to the grid. Becker- Hagens in 1984 mentioned Rhombic Triacontahedron (30 faces). Nichols R Nelson, in his book called Paradox, saw the world as an Icosahedron (20 faces). We also know that Buckminster Fuller had his own theories and worked extensively on this quest for understanding this Earth geometry.

Vile Vortexes

Moreover, Mr Nelson in Paradox identified 10 areas at certain intersection points where magnetic- gravitational anomalies take place.  He calls them vile vortexes and states they can act as entrances to other dimensions. This would account for strange disappearances over the areas. The so called Bermuda triangle is one such vortex.

Stranger and Stranger

There are other kinds of energy vortexes causing trouble. These have allegedly been fought over. These are Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes- places where gravity does strange things and you can find yourself space debris if you wander into them!

More about that next time.


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