Ancient Aliens-The Dogon Legends

Sumerian fish godLast time I discussed that clues to alien visits and intervention can sometimes  be found in the myths and rituals of indigenous peoples.

I briefly mentioned the Dogon tribe and its connection with Sirius, and accurate ancient knowledge about that star system within its myths and rituals, that has just recently been validated by modern astronomy. I thought it was worth investigating more deeply.

Sirius and the Dogon

The Dogon are a remote tribe living in a region of Mali. They are thought to be of Egyptian decent and have astronomy legends in their culture which seem to date from before 3200 BC. In 1931 they were contacted by two French anthropologists who studied them for 30 years.

The anthropologists documented the tribe’s traditional mythology and beliefs. This included a body of ancient lore regarding Sirius (the dog star).

They knew that;

  • Sirius had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye, Po Tolo.
  • That this star moved in a 50 year orbit around Sirius.
  • This star was small incredibly heavy and that it rotated on its axis.
  • There is also a third star in the system, Emma ya, but this has not yet been identified by astronomers.

The facts are that Sirius B does exist  and it is a very heavy white dwarf, it does rotate on its own axis and it does have a 50 year ish elliptical orbit around Sirius B. How could a primitive tribe know all this? Sirius was not seen though a telescope until 1862 and not photographed until 1970. Artifacts found describing the star system are at least 400 years old. The nature of Sirius B was not known until 1926.

The Dogon relate that this information was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of Mankind.nommos

Other ancient cultures mention these fish Gods.The Babylonian people called them Annedoti. From them, apparently, was learnt the basic teachings of how to organize civilization.

There are many other similar stories, alien intervention seems to have been with us right from the beginning.

Aspects of reality

Just another story of how we have been visited and interfered with, or helped, over the ages by “other worldly” beings.



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