The Face on Mars

Went to a lecture last night on “The face on Mars “on the area of Mars known as  Cydonia. Massives (large hills(?)with shiny tops ,high albedo) nearby can be linked to show a regular geometric pattern which hardly seems natural. A member of the audience then contributed to tell us about his work on ancient sites in the UK, which had similar geometric angles and values. Could there be a link? The strange structures that look like buildings on the dark side of the moon, were also discussed. The question then was “Are these evidence of ancient alien civilizations?” There have been several books published on the phenomenon, and other strange structures on Mars.

It was given by a proper scientist, Ananda Sirisena, the president of SPSR-The society for planetary SETI research. SETI being the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life. Ananda in collaboration with others, had been working on these topics for years. He had himself witnessed 3 alien spaceships in Wimbledon many years ago, which had sparked the lifelong interest in the subject.

The Mars photo was taken originally by Voyager in 1976. Other higher definition photos were taken later. The interesting thing was that 1998 NASA released a photo which seemingly disproved the Face theory. This shut down interest in the topic as it was probably designed to do. However, in 2008 NASA, without fanfare, put up a new photo strikingly similar to the 1976 photo.

So why? Why the cover up? When will it all stop and they realize we can now all be trusted with truth? I understand the argument that it would de stabilise society, but surely we are beyond that now. What is happening though is that because of all the nonsense and cover up we are beginning to lose faith in the institutions that are perpetrating them. This surely is more dangerous to society as a whole. Time to tell the truth everybody.

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  1. Hi Marian, just to let you know that my book “Massive Vimana Over the Atomic Weapons Establishment” is now on Amazon.

    PS – Thank you for your thoughtful write-up about my talk to the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group last year.

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