The Fermi principle- why no overt contact with alien life?

Vast universeIt was pointed out to me that, in all my research and posts, that I had not discussed the Fermi Principle. Turns out that I had sort of covered it in past posts in general terms, but anyway it is very important so here it is.

The Fermi paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence that alien life exists and the high probability, given the size and inherent nature of the universe that it does. It is highly probable that life, although not necessarily as we would recognise or understand it, is a normal phenomenon, an inherent parameter of the universe.

Why then is there no scientific evidence that alien life exists?

(1) That extra terrestrial life does not, despite Fermi, actually exist.

(2) That either the technology they use is far too advanced to be detected by us or that the technology we use is insufficiently advanced to be noticed by them.

(3) That we are looking for extra terrestrials at the wrong places. The universe is so vast and our equipment so relatively limited that we may be just unlucky so far.

(4) That the aliens are life forms so different to us that even if they are in plain sight, we fail to recognize them as sentient beings or to communicate with them. Our limited sense organs may be at fault and just not detecting them.

(5) That aliens are trying to communicate with us but constantly fail due to a variety of problems or miss match of technology. Some people do believe that they are in telepathic communication though.

(6) That they are avoiding us because we are bad news. We are aggressive or we are destroying our environment. An advanced race may also have a policy of non intervention in other less advanced worlds.

Aspects of reality

All of the above list are the different possible  of alien communication reality. Which one will turn out to be true only time will tell.

One Response to “The Fermi principle- why no overt contact with alien life?”

  1. richard cardew says:

    we are the aliens. Life exists in 4 dimensions, which is why with our technology we cant find it. the Neolithic sites are all time travel stations.
    the proof lies in the harmonic proportions, the same proportions that govern the quantum energy of electron shells, and also the structure of music.
    according to myth legend and the bible, we are now in the age where we can see and understand all this. we do not wish to.
    we are not intrinsically the 3D person we see n the mirror. we are essentially our astral bodies. learn to use yours and you can travel in time and meet “dead” people. its not rocket science, nor traditional Christianity. It is a wider view, the view from outside prison. It is written on the landscape by people 4000 years ago

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