Fifth aspect of reality- The scientific universe

Many people interested in esoteric matters presume that  science will tend to be hostile to such topics. The truth is, when looking at aspects of reality, high science  gives us many useful clues.

For instance;

  • Science, via, quantum mechanics, gives insight into the fundamentally unstable , yet interlinkedness, of all matter.
  • At the quantum level, the mind seems to have a role in fixing reality.
  • String theory and Brane theory indicate the possibilities of a multidimensional universe, or universes.
  • The multiple universe theory proposes that reality changes, splits off, with every decision we make.
  • The hologramatic model of reality is now under active scientific research.


We are, after all, when looking at our fundamental nature, nothing more than beings made of energy living in an energy matrix.

Aspects of reality

Science, as ever, gives us more questions than answers in our search for the truth about reality.

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