The global brain

red-atom-icon As always happens, when I start a thread in my blog about any subject, input from readers  brings new and relevant information to the discussion, which then leads to even more blog posts!!! The last few weeks have been concerned with the fascinating topic of human consciousness, which I feel is the ultimate key to understanding our reality and what and who we really are. A further new twist on this topic has recently being brought to my attention. That is the Global Brain Project which looks at consciousness on a different level, that is globally.

The concept behind this is the understanding that, just as in the same way that the human body is co -ordinated and regulated by our human brain, the world consists of a set of self co-ordinating systems that are regulated by a global brain. This brain is responsible for the world consciousness.

The global brain project The premise is that our individual brains, or rather our self aware consciousnesses, can be seen to be neurons within this global brain. We are all part of it. By working together we can activate and empower the global brain. Every self aware neuron can bring coherence and self identity to the global brain.

The world is currently in a mess on all levels. The only was we can really change things is to change the global consciousness. The global brain project was organized just to do that.

How does it work? Thoughts are wave form energy. To achieve our ends, a better world, we have to change the wave form energy of the global consciousness. Meditation is the primary way to develop the coherent brain wave patterns in the individual. A large collective meditation should then develop coherence across the entire global brain. This helps create a positive world with our positive brain waves.

Is this possible? I am told that quantum physics states that wave form transitions can happen when only a small % of the new wave form infects the existing one. So every little helps!!!!

How can you get involved? The Global Brain Project organizes virtual collective mediations every Saturday. You can also sign up to recognize your position as a neuron in the global brain. Details, and more about the subject to be found on the website.

As mentioned last week, there is also help offered in the techniques of meditation on the site.

Interesting concept..what do you think?

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