The Reality of Akashic records- modern

zero point fieldLast week I looked what ancient wisdom tells us about the so called Akashic records. These are said to be the records, conventionally thought of as a cosmic library of  books, that exist about us all. These detail our past present and future lives and  are stored somewhere beyond physical creation. In my researches I came across a more modern interpretation though. That is the one that is now possible because of our growing knowledge of the quantum and Zero Point fields that underpin our physical reality.

There are three possible points here;

Firstly,  It is worth noting though, although mainstream and conventional science may regard the concept as non scientific, nevertheless some who are working with the quantum energies, (For instance, Ervin Laszio-Science in the Akashic Field), believe that the energies of Zero Point Field underlies the fabric of space itself. That they are a life force flowing through out the universe that holds our collective consciousness, and all the Akashic records of everyone in it.

Secondly, some people believe that all this information is actually encoded in the very fabric of our being and is accessible via our spirit bodies.

Thirdly, another view is, of course, that if we are all holograms anyway this is the generating computers data base. It is anyway, a universal information field.

So the records are either in a big book in a library or all around us bound in with all the energies of our universe, including our own.

Aspects of reality

If our past present and future lives are stored somewhere  then our reality cannot be random, it must be designed. By who or what is another matter.






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