The reality of Alien interactions with humanity

When discussing the possibility of us not being alone in our reality, it is important not to dismiss out of hand the possibility that alien races from beyond our planet may have interacted or be interacting with humanity. Some people do feel that the whole subject is total nonsense, but others feel that if you look carefully there are clues that render it a distinct possibility.


Possible evidence

Sightings of UFO’S and strange craft have been reported since biblical times.  It is obviously a field that has been open to misinterpretation and cranks over the years.  But some people do believe that in all the strange stories there are  some nuggets of truth.

For instance,

  • There are many quite sensible people (including some friends of mine) that claim to have seen UFO’s. Many of these do turn out to be experimental aircraft, weather balloons or tricks of the light, but there seems to be  an unexplained core of sightings.
  • There are, in literature and on the internet, reports of actual interactions with aliens. Strange figures have been seen, telepathic communication has alleged to have been received.
  •  There are those that report that aliens come for them at night and take them to space ships to monitor and examine them.
  • Several types of aliens have been identified, including the infamous “grays”. I do know sensible people who claim to have seen them!!!!!
  •  Many such stories have been retrieved under hypnosis. People have been aware that something strange has been going on but not sure what until their memories have been unblocked.

Again there is no actual scientific proof, of the existence of these phenomena, but a lot of anecdotal evidence.

Are they really among us?

Who knows, but something very strange is happening to a great many people. If there are alien races out there with superior technology, then it would be reasonable that they may be observing us, in the way that we would monitor and observe primitive tribes. Only very advanced races could cover the distance involved in less than our life time. They could, of course be very long lived races. It would be also reasonable that they would seek not to overtly intrude on our culture or way of life because of the effect overt meddling would have on us. We must hope that if this is happening, that aggressive races that would see us ripe for colonizing, do not find us first!!!


Aspects of reality

There is a lot of written evidence and personal testimony of sightings of and interactions with aliens.


2 Responses to “The reality of Alien interactions with humanity”

  1. Nick Allen says:

    Hi Marian, I would love the UFO stories to be alien craft but to belive they are, I think is wishful thinking. Like you said, despite countless reports, there is not one scrap of undisputed ‘hard’ evidence.

    Also, you have to wonder if alien races ever evloved technology in the same way we have. Look at the history of the earth – dinosaurs ruled for 165 million years (compared to about one million for man) yet never invented anything! Similar point to be made about life in the ocean which started long before life on the land. And even ‘modern man’ in parts of the world (think the southern hemisphere) didn’t invent engines or radios or anything that would enable him to fly.

    If life with technology was ‘out there’ and curious about other worlds like we are, I think they would do what we do and send out radio signals. As a minimum we would pick up their radio signals that spilled out accidentally (in the same way ours do). But there are no radio signals! Why not?! Now there’s a question waiting to be answered!!


    • Marian says:

      Hi, nick,
      Of all the topics I looked at for a complete picture , this one I find the least satisfactory.
      Although there is some possible ancient evidence (see next post), the lack of hard evidence is disappointing.
      As you say, no radio signals (although I think there was one wow moment from seti years ago, it has not been repeated).

      There are some possible explanations though,
      1) Seti would say that the universe is so large that it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now we are indentifying planets we can aim our radio telescopes in the right places.
      2) As per your point,advanced civilisations may have developped differently, they may simply not be curious about other worlds or have bothered with radio technology.
      3)Other life may have developped differently.It may be around but we either cannot see it because it is existing in a vibrational frequency our limited sense organs cannot detect.
      4) Science is talking more and more about living in a multi dimensional universe. Visitors from other dimensions may just appear as strange shapes to our limited 3 D senses.
      5)There of course are those that think that visitors are here, but either their presence is being covered up by government or we are being monitored for our own good by advanced races that are deliberately concealing themselves from us. The point is anyway, a race that could cover the vast distances to contact us anyway must be more advanced, at least in technology.
      We would just have to hope they would be friendly.
      If the are here, i would put my money on point 3.

      Cheers Marian

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