The reality of alien intervention-fact or fiction

I watched a film, almost by accident. David Bowie in- The man that fell to Earth. It is now 40 years old but surprisingly deals with themes that are very current today.

An alien splashes down from nowhere in a lake in New Mexico. Strangely he speaks with a British accent and carries a British passport! Anyway he bring technical specifications which enable him to patent high tech gadgets and grow a multi million pound company. He then develops his own space programme so that he can transport water back to his drought stricken world.

The American government do not like this and decide to destroy him. They kill his managing director, destroy his companies, blow up his space rocket, and  after tests to prove that he is not human, he is reduced to an isolated alcoholic.  As a character says ” No way to treat a visitor” He replies, ” I expect we would do the same to you.”

I know this was just fiction but it really made me think. Is this actually happening today? Could some of our technology come from elsewhere ? Could it be happening with collusion of government? What do you think?

Aspects of reality

This is an interesting one, could it have happened in “real” life? Almost certainly I would say.


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  1. Erin Van Zante says:

    The first time I know of it happening is actually New Mexico, Believe it or not, mid tolate 1800’s. Strangely, the movies and tv shows, and music bring stuff up all the time, whole truths, half, just an idea, and some totally what we would “call make” believe these days.
    I discovered this whole alien phenomenon about a year ago on accident studying my family ancestry. But have now concluded that what I thought was rare and horrifying, at first, is not me, me family, the kids I grew up with, the parents, and grandparents etc., but humanity as a whole. We are all in a sleep of some sort.
    Ok but back to New Mexico, 1800’s. I was researching my 3rd great grandfather, and his list of accomplishments are plenty, and his legacy lives on with the state’s history. Now here’s the kicker, I have done my DNA, and since bought a kit for my brother, and my cousin’s son (1c1r- 1st cousin once removed in genealogy world), which in turn convinced my mother’s twin to test since my mother is passed. This grandfather LITERALLY comes out of nowhere, and instead of British, he says he is Swedish. I don’t know who he was, but all DNA matches are positive for his wife. Either this man was under an alias that is yet to be discovered, or nobody else in the world who was related to him that has been DNA tested exists, I don’t know. But his personal stamp even is a perfect space ship! Ha! All joking aside, it is a spaceship.
    Jacob started the first grain mill, brought education, agriculture, opened schools, was a tax collector, owned a number of mines, was a vintner, ran and owned the stage coach depot in Az. And managed to “culturize” the area. But in a way that the locals didn’t mind him so much. Most of his children married the local Mexican people. I will have to find the article discussing weather manipulation, and will get back to you.
    But in the meantime, I recommend taking a look at newspapers from Texas and New Mexico. There are some amazing articles just sitting there forgotten. A wonderful free site for this is the library of congress, and their Chronicling America collection. Thousands and million of digital news archives from 1700’s to 1920. Like I said, I will link you some articles, and I am just a mom too, with 3 teen girls, going about my business, who just came across some crazy.
    I would also like to share with you some of the 4 or 5 D photos I’ve come across, but that’s another article comment to go to.

    • Marian says:

      Hi erin..thanks for that..very interesting. Us mum’s are always under rated but we notice and listen and acquire info. Mexico does seem to be a hot bed of alien interactions. I am determined to come in the next year or two and see for myself.
      If you have any good links please E mail me on
      You can also find me on Facebook. I have an Aspects of Reality group and page.

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