The reality of angels

angel-of-light  One of the clues that our reality is not wholly what we have been taught it is  comes through the existence of other entities or beings that seem to co-exist with us or even help us. The first of these to look at are our old friends, the angels. Who are they and what are they doing here?


The existence of angels seems widely accepted by many people. They are spoken about in our Christian Bible, and I believe also in the Koran. They seem almost routinely accepted and talked about in much of our esoteric, often non conventionally religious, literature. They are the stuff of legends in many worldwide cultures. Do they exist, and if so what could this indicate about the nature of the overall big picture of life?

What actually are angels supposed to be?

Angels are usually considered to be of non-human, or even divine origin. Portrayed as winged messengers from God in the bible, they are considered in some circles to be inter dimensional beings. Whatever the truth they are prominent in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Indeed these religions actually share some of the same angels. Some of us were even brought up with tales of a Guardian Angel. Every person has, the theory goes, an individual angel allocated to them, who is there to guard and protect them.

Angels as healers

Some alternative practitioners also claim to see angels, or work with them to heal others. They can also be used for guidance. I do know people who claim to actually to ask angels for help in this way. Interestingly, they are actually felt to be available to all who need them and not just to those of religious bent.

What do Angels look like?

We imagine them, if we think about it at all, as the figures portrayed in the holy paintings of the middle ages. Although there is not, I believe, a definitive actual description of their physical appearance in the bible. Artists and religious illustrators seem to portray them with long flowing white garments and large feathered wings From where did they get their information?

Angels, in keeping with the male dominated culture of biblical times, are assumed to be male. Sometimes, at crucial times, they are said to take the forms of human beings. Islam has them mostly as beings of pure energy which are invisible, neither male nor female, but whose mission is to praise Allah.

Do they actually exist?

Can their existence be scientifically proven? As we are, after all, nothing but vibrating energy in a vast electrical field, anything may be a possibility. It is only our modern culture that seems to think if something cannot be proven to exist scientifically it cannot possibly be real. There is a wealth of ancient and modern anecdotal evidence that some sort of beings as described have always existed and helped individuals or groups of people. There are simply too many for the concept to be dismissed out of hand. Not only are they a constant in the holy books, new age books and the Internet are also filled with stories of modern angel sightings and angelic intervention. People that have had such interaction often fear ridicule, and tend to keep quiet about it in general company. With out hard proof though, belief  in their existence becomes a matter of faith.

Strange sightings

In 1985 even Soviet Cosmonauts, orbiting earth in Salut 7, are reported to have seen “seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist like halos, as in the classic description of angels”. They saw this group on more that one occasion. The Hubble telescope has also been reported to have had strange sightings which have been hushed up. Is this likely? One would hope not, but it has to be said that there have always been suspicions that the mainstream scientific community would suppress those things which did to fit in with what it scientifically felt to be possible.


Aspects of reality

If such beings actually exist, what does that say about our aspects of reality? There are four main possibilities.

Firstly, Are they inter dimensional beings? This could be possible, as physics is now working with the concept of a multi dimensional universe. If that is all that they are, an important question has to be asked. This is, why would beings from another dimension be interested in helping mankind?

Secondly, Could they actually be helpers sent from a creator? The answer to this question is a matter of faith.

Thirdly, Perhaps they are creatures of the earth as we are. Just a different and more advanced type of natural being. Are beings made of pure energy a possibility? That is, at present, unknowable.

Fourthly, If they are none of the above, then it gets really interesting. From what reality could they actually come from? Are there multi layers of reality around and above us that we cannot see? Until we really know the big picture, this is also unknowable.

All we can say for sure when discussing angels, is that their very existence is a big clue that the reality that we have been taught exists, is nowhere near the whole story. What that story is, is another matter.

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