The reality of animal communication

Whatever the truth about the levels of animal consciousness, (see previous post, the reality of animal consciousness), many people will maintain that they have some sort of direct communication with their pets. How could this be possible?

Animal emotions

It is believed that, although we are not sure what consciousness they have, animals do definitely have emotions. Feelings of rage, fear, love, grief and anxiety, amongst others, can be observed in many higher primates.  These can be detected by the sensitive. Conversely, many pets seem to know when owners are returning after an absence, or detecting sickness in individuals. What could be going on?

Emotions as energy

When you look at what emotions actually are, this does become easier to understand. As with all mental activity, emotions seem to be  generated in the brain with biochemical energy. They are therefore brain energy waves. It then could be possible that these waves are being picked up and converted into thoughts by the owners, or the pets, in certain circumstances.


Sceptics might say that both parties are just interpreting body language. In some cases this may be so. I have had sensible people telling me about instances of communication with their pets that are much more than that, though.

  • A horse communicating with its owner about an amusing incident that it saw the week before, (the incident actually happened)!!!!!
  • A cat communicating that it knew it was about to die, and that it had had enough.
  • Another cat communicating that it knew its companion cat did not love it, but it would keep trying.
  • A dog howling, at the exact time that its absent owner died.

Aspects of reality

1, How far do our brain waves travel from our bodies? Some people believe that they are not just confined to the brain, but radiate outwards. These have then the capacity to be picked up by those around us. This could explain instances of telepathy and non verbal communication. Whether this is the whole story or not, it is another reminder that we live in an energy matrix. We and all around us are enery beings. Our thoughts are themselves just energy.  Who knows how much we interact with the thought energies of those around us?

2, It is worth remembering that what we see is not the whole story. Perhaps animals, with a different set of sense organs, see more than we do about the world around  us, in certain circumstances. We really do not know for sure. What do you think?


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