The reality of Astrology and racing drivers

  Astrology and racing drivers

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Spanish Grands Prix in Barcelona. Between support races  I casually  looked at the drivers info in the programme, and I noticed patterns in their dates of birth.

For instance, with 22 drivers on the grid, 4 were born in January, 5 in April and 6 in August. These rest were just singles, with 2 in July. There was no May, September, November or December birthdays. I promised myself that when I was back at my desk that I would investigte further, and see if there was a patten in their astrological signs. Which signs made the best racing drivers?


According to the book I consulted, an interesting pattern did emerge.

10 of the drivers belonged to Fire signs. 6 Leo and 4 Aries

The remaining 12 were equally spread over the other signs.

Water- 1 Pisces 3 Cancer

Air – 3 Aquarius 1 Libra

Earth- 1 Taurus 2 Capricorn 1 Virgo

No Gemini, Scorpio, or Sagittarius

Even more interestingly there was no common pattern for the top, most successful, drivers.

It was small sample, but these are the racing drivers at the top of their game.

Bears further analysis, what do you think?

Aspects of reality

Can birthdate actually affect our skills and characteristics? What does that say about the physical universe construction.



2 Responses to “The reality of Astrology and racing drivers”

  1. Irwell Pete says:

    While you noticed a possible link in the drivers being of the fire signs it would be worth looking at the full horoscopes, i.e. the rising signs, the planets in houses and signs and the aspects between the planets to get a full, all round astrological reading. Looking to the sun-sign only is far too simplistic imo

    • Marian says:

      Yes I was only a bit of fun, but the patten observed whilst sitting in the stands was so marked that I felt it worth commenting on. If anyone would like to do it properly that would be amazing.

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