The reality of astrology

Of all the systems used to try to predict the future, the predictive arts, probably the best known is Astrology. It is so ancient that it’s origins are lost in the sands of time. Astrologers believe that the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth can determine both your character and your possible life path. They also believe that, on a day to day basis, the position of the heavenly bodies can indicate possibilities and dangers in daily life ( I call this the satnav function). This can be accessed  by drawing up horoscopes.

The Horoscope

A horoscope is actually just a map of the heavens taken at a particular time. It shows where each planet is, and the sun and moon, in relation to the constellations. The constellations are just the groups of stars in the sky that the ancient saw as pictures.  The sky is divided into twelve segments called after these constellations. For instance, Aries  the ram and Capricorn the goat.

It is  which ever  constellation the sun is  at your moment of birth, which is supposed to give you your star sign, which indicates your underlying personality. It is this that the general astrologers are divining. They are looking at the relationship between your sun sign and the planets etc this particular week and how generally it will affect those born under that particular sign. These twelve signs of the zodiac are meant to indicate our character and characteristics . They then  draw a general horoscope.

 Star signs

The sector  in which the sun was at the time of our birth  gives us our notional so called  star signs. Many of us are tempted to read the “stars” in our daily newspapers. I myself can never resist it. These  general horoscopes are offering some prediction of the type of week or month that we may expect for that sun sign. As ever it is tempting to interpret what it says to suit your circumstances at the time. These cannot compare with the individual horoscopes drawn up by professionals.

Aspects of reality

Does it work? Well, there does seem to be strong empirical evidence anyway that there is some thing to it. Certainly it would not have been taken seriously for thousands of years if it was all mumbo jumbo.

The most interesting question is though, why should it work?

  • Well, as we are beings made fundamentally of energy, as is everything in the universe, it could be postulated that energy emitting from heavenly bodies could affect our brains at the moment of birth, thus influencing things. This could also apply to the effect of the position of heavenly bodies on our day to day life.
  • In the bigger picture of the universe, created as a function of the laws of physics, there may be an underlying mathematical code to creation which gives the same effect.
  • An intelligent designer of some sort has put this system in place to help and guide humanity.

What do you think?



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