The reality of cabbage conversation

It is  a well known fact that animals communicate with each other (and some would say with us) in various ways.  We have all heard of some people who claim talking to plants helps them to grow better. The surprising thing though is, that scientists have now found, as long suspected, that plants actually communicate with each other as well. I saw on “How to grow a planet”  just the other day, that cabbages actually communicate with each other to warn about imminent  danger. The plants were genetically modified to emit flashes of light as they emitted a warning  gas, when one of them had its leaves cut.  The exchange, was recorded by a very sensitive photon camera. The wounded cabbage emitted ethyl jamsonite. This was detected by its neighbours, which then also released the same gas to warn other nearby cabbages of the danger.

Aspects of reality

We think of plants as essentially passive creatures, but in fact some move and sense and seemingly communicate. We are surrounded by an unseen world of such communications.  It is another layer in the energy matrix in which we live.

The theory is that plants do not feel pain, because they do not have a nervous system. If they did, we would perhaps have to reconsider their wholesale slaughter!!!What is next, plant consciousness? Perhaps the people who talk to plants were not so foolish after all.

What do you think?


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