The Reality of Consciousness after death

As you may know, I am always on the look out further information about the nature of our reality. For me, the strange nature of human consciousness is somehow the key to our understanding of the big picture.

Anyway, I recently found not one but two articles about what happens after brain death, spurred on I think by the popular film ” Flatliners” in which people take themselves to the point of death deliberately to understand what really happens.The puzzle has always been, is our consciousness one system or two?

Is it just a function of our physical brain or is it something else that comes in at birth and goes on after the physical body has died? If it is the former we may just be no more than random evolutionary accidents. If it is the latter then a whole new big picture of who and what we really are becomes possible. Look back under my consciousness  category if you are interested, as I have done quite a lot on this fascinating topic in the past.

I know there has been ongoing studies in many cardiac hospitals to determine whether consciousness leaves the body after brain death. After all, they know via all the machines if people are really brain dead. Interviewing them if they manage to revive them has sometimes produced interesting results. Hearing conversations, seeing their bodies laying there and seeing things placed on top on the cupboards which are not visible from the ground, for instance. Not to mention some people feel they are going towards the light.

A new twist on the subject

New and comprehensive studies, in particular from the Langone School of Medicine, New York have uncovered a more complex picture than that which had previously been understood.

Brain cell death

According to researchers now, when you die your brain cells keep working after you have been pronounced dead. You may hear or see things long after your heart has stopped beating.

How does that change our understanding of life after death?

There are several factors or Aspects of reality that are at play here.

1- Does that mean consciousness is not just a factor of the working brain but is in every cell of our body, which some people have long suspected?

2- Some may ask, is life after death then just a trick of the dying brain cells? But if that is so, how does that explain people seeing themselves from the ceiling? There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence of survival after physical death and consciousness leaving the body This is found in reports of the existence of ghosts, other out of body experiences not to mention the many people that can communicate with the dead  and those that can remember past lives.

Anyway, food for thought, dont you think.



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