The reality of consciousness- Interacting on the psychic level

Human consciousness is one of the biggest mysteries of all. We are not sure actually why it exists, or what its exact nature is. It becomes really interesting when some people are able to do things with their consciousness, have some skills or talents, that  should not be strictly be possible. This is if  the scientific standard model of humanity as nothing more than  biological beings, products only  of Darwinian evolutionary forces, is true.

The scientific community seems to be waking up to this fact though. There are many phenomena, such as telepathy, intuition, second sight and prediction of the future, which should not exist if the world was just as science would have it.


Throughout the ages there has been much, albeit anecdotal, evidence of such phenomenon. Indeed, if we were honest, most of us could give examples from our own experience. Because it could not easily be proved in the scientific labs, it has been generally not been taken seriously, however.

The standard model of consciousness

Science would have it that consciousness, and all of what we are, is generated only in the firing neurons of the brain. If this were true then all of the above phenomena could not be possible. Something else does seem to be going on, what could it be?

Possible alternatives

I have discussed the subject of consciousness in previous posts in May 2011, The reality of us – mind body conundrum, The reality of us- one system or two, A question of consciousness- the ultimate reality. These looked at the possible true nature of consciousness, in the big picture of reality.

I noticed recently though, the Daily Mail on Saturday 7 th of January 2012, had an interesting article, adapted from a book by a Cambridge scientist Rupert Sheldrake. The extract published was from, The Science Delusion; Freeing The Spirit of Enquiry. This had a slightly different slant on what was going on in the mind.

Consciousness as a field

Mr Sheldrake stated that;  the intuitions reported, actually fitted in with the concepts of the  field theory of minds. He explained that, for instance,  in the same way as a mobile phone has a field inside it, but which also extended way beyond it, our conciousness may work the same way. The logical extension of this then is that we are at some level interacting with the wider environment around us. Our consciousness may have its roots within our brains, but extend way beyond them.

Aspects of reality

This theory would seem to be compatible with the reality that we are, in fact, living and interacting in an energy matrix. ( see previous June 2011 post Reality- living in the energy matrix). It does not deal, at least the extract published does not, with the really difficult big picture question.  This is how people can possibly forsee the future. This is the real million dollar question. What do you think?




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