The reality of decoding brain waves

Do you ever wonder where our thoughts come from? They are, of course, generated within our  physical brains. The interesting thing, though, is that these thoughts are just manifestations of bio energy. That is, the body chemistry is utilized to make electrical charges, through which information travels. We are electrically powered. Our thoughts, at a basic level, are a form of energy, or brain waves. Sophisticated monitoring equipment can  detect such brain activity. Up until now, though, decoding it has been considered an  impossibility. A snippet in the Telegraph the other week, however, caught my attention.

It was reported by some researchers  from the University Of California that, in hearing speech,  the brain “breaks down words into patterns of electrical activity, which can be decoded and translated back into approximate versions of the original sound.”

The hope is that eventually this understanding could lead to an implant, which could interpret the thoughts into speech of people that have lost the ability to physically talk. This is wonderful stuff, as long as it cannot be misused.

Aspects of reality

Our bodies are made of pinches of energy, due to our atomic structure. Our very thoughts are made of energy waves. We are energy beings, within the universal energy matrix.


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