The reality of ghosts-1- existence

Can we actually continue after death? Does some part of us carry on? Are there any more clues? Surprisingly, there is also another class of phenomena whose very existence may show that physical death is not necessarily the end of things. I mean, of course, of the existence of what we call ghosts.  From almost the beginnings of recorded history there have been stories of the appearance of strange visitors from beyond the grave. I don’t mean tales of our individual loved ones communicating with us after death ( see posts spiritualism and mediums). These are usually quite a different matter. Ghosts do seem to be some sort of version or copies of people that once lived in the “real” world. Their connection with mankind however seems a little different to those souls that are communicated with by mediums. These ghosts are often tied to a particular geographic location. They are another massive clue that life does continue in some form after death, and that the world we see is not the whole story. They are also  another indication of the existence of  a multi dimensional universe.

What are ghosts?

Descriptions of ghosts range from images that appear to be real people, often from a different historical time, to the classic headless horsemen or monks that seem to walk though solid walls. Some people report having heard sounds or just shapes. Footsteps with no one there, or children crying are not uncommon. They are enshrined in our history and a huge proportion of the population appear to believe in them. They are generally perceived to be the trace or the visual representation of a dead human being. They are a massive clue that life does go on in some form and that the world that we see is not the whole story.

Types of ghosts

There seem to be two broadly general types. There are those that seem unaware of us in the “real” world. They operate usually in a particular geographic location. They often repeat actions that they would have done when they were alive i.e. Walk along paths that sometimes are no longer there, or walk around rooms that they once inhabited. Unlike the spirits that the mediums communicate with, they are often not aware that they are dead, or refuse to believe so. Some feel that most are actually not aware of us as people at all. They are just spirits of people that have died that have not moved on to the next phase of existence. They have become stuck and earth bound, locked into the place where they met there often untimely end. This is usually because of some form of trauma. Other theories propose that the traumatic events leave an imprint on the energy of the affected building. ( More electrical impulses are released in periods or high drama or trauma and these have lingered on).

There are also those that in some way are aware of us and on some level communicate with us. There are those that actually are hostile. These may be referred to as poltergeists. Objects may be moved or thrown. There are many tales of these type of ghosts making ordinary peoples lives difficult because of their actions. Why do they act in that way?They may be unaware that they are dead and feel we are trespassing on their space. They may be also connected with darker forces that are part of a bigger picture.


The big question

If  life does go on, as a soul or essence as previously  described, in some type of electromagnetic energetic form, where does it go to and why should it want to come back to earth? Or why should it be stuck on earth when it should have moved on? Why are we seeing images of the departed physical bodies still when the soul left them at death? Why are we seeing them when the actual  physical body has long decayed?


Possible answers

Firstly, there is the question of the true nature of humanity and the origins of the human body. Scientific theory has it that as a species we evolved from primitive life forms though natural selection over the millennia to our current physical forms. Others say that it is too complex to have happened like that without a guiding hand. That in fact we , and all around us, evolved and became what we are because we all have energy or spiritual blue prints on which the physical body is based. When we die the outward physical body decays, but the energy of the blueprint can still be trapped in our dimension

Secondly , Ghosts are often seemingly unaware that they are dead. Can the soul/essence part of them that leaves the physical body be projecting what they think they still look like ?

Thirdly, there is a theory that the trauma of dying violently, or unexpectedly, can cause the event to energetically imprint onto the surrounding area in which the event took place.

These explanations may appear strange, but ghosts are a great anomaly in the conventional and scientific theories, on which our understanding of the world around us is based. Either or neither may be true. All we can say is that they do seem to exist, at least a great many people believe so.

The church and ghosts

The Church of England even has a ministry (the Deliverance Ministry) that has been set up to release the spirits causing trouble to the earthly population. What does this all mean? What could the phenomena actually be? If the Church of England takes them seriously why does not the scientific establishment?

Aspects of reality

The irony with ghosts is that a great many people have seen them or believe in them, without thinking what their actual existence  means for the structure of the universe. In a world that is just an evolutionary random accident they should not exist at all!!!



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