The reality of ghosts -2- evidence

Throughout the ages people have always claimed that they have been able to see  ghosts. The ancients seemed to have accepted their reality more than us, more modern, people do. Throughout history and in more modern times, ghost stories abound. Whatever the aspects of reality that  their very  existence indicates, (see post the reality of ghosts-1), there is overwhelming, albeit anecdotal,  evidence that they are “real”. That we do, in some form, continue on after physical death.What follows is a brief snapshot of some of that evidence.

Evidence of ghosts

  • Pliny the Younger wrote about Athenodorus’s ghost in the first Century AD. Pliny was a careful recorder of what he saw and heard. The philosopher Athenodorus allegedly went to Athens and looked for a home to rent. He found a cheap house with a very low rent because it was supposed to be haunted. Writing at his desk that very night he heard rattling chains and moaning. When he eventually looked up a filthy and thin old man, cruelly shackled, stood before him. The ghost signaled for him to follow him and lead him outside to a point in the garden. The next day the philosopher alerted the authorities who dug at the point and found a skeleton of a shackled man. Once properly buried the hauntings and bad luck ceased.
  • Our own Tower of London is said to be haunted by, among others, Anne Boleyn. She was executed there by her husband, Henry V111.
  • Many castles and old houses have their resident ghosts. There are many stories told in books and on the internet, and many organizations dedicated to tracking and recording such things. Of course there will always be people with too vivid an imagination and those that are just plain suggestible. Some phenomena can not just be explained away, however
  • There is a famous haunted pub, the Skirrid Mountain  Inn. Conversation with the landlord revealed that above the bar the rooms were a court in olden days, with holding cells. ( These were now tasteful bathrooms!) Over 100 people had actually been hanged on the premises. Rope marks were still showing on the staircase beams. Guests have reported feeling a noose tightening around their necks. Lots of ghost activity had been reported and serious paranormal investigators have taken great interest. The most interesting statement that he made, though, concerned his small grandchild. He had come on a visit. It had been concealed from him that the place was supposedly haunted, so not as to scare him. He was sent to the toilet but refused to go in. This was supposedly because “ There was a strange man in a frock that would not let him in.” The grandfather could not see the ghost but the child could, and did not know that the ghost was there and that you should not be able to see people once they were dead.
  • My local cafe in Blandford , “The Gorge”,  has a history of haunting s and strange unexplained phenomena. This includes manifestations of pockets of extreme coldness. Researchers have allegedly contacted a spirit, among others, of a small child that died falling down a well which has long since been filled in.


  • I saw a programme on television recently called ” Ghosts on the underground”. It consisted of  strange tales of ghosts in deserted tunnels, passengers walking through walls and footsteps and foot prints appearing when there was not anybody there. These were all reported by burly railway men, who preceded every description with the statement that they did not believe in ghosts but this and this had happened to them. Often they had concealed the event from their fellow workers for fear of being labeled daft. Several independently described the same phenomena without being aware that others had witnessed the same thing.


Personal experience of ghosts

  • On traveling in Wales we stayed at the  Castle Hotel, Brecon. The site it occupied had been in use as some form of habitation for a thousand odd years. It was in a commanding position on a hill overlooking the river. A castle had been on the site for many years and parts of the castle had been incorporated into the present day Hotel. I casually asked the owner if it was haunted and he laughed. He told me he had a ballroom which in covered by CCTV. This has shown orbs of light manifesting on a nightly basis, like a firework display, he said. My husband and I walked down to the door of the ballroom when night fell. It was locked with a small padlock, with an inch or so gap between the doors. We saw no orbs, but we felt and heard an enormous wind howling and rushing around. We could feel it on our faces rushing out between the gap in the doors. We presumed it had come from outside (it was a filthy night) but a return visit in the morning light showed no mechanism by which it could have done so. Strange and scary, what could have been going on? We were not expecting the phenomena (we were hoping for orbs) but we both felt it.
  • My husband also reports childhood memories of a cat with its fur on end, and a heavy latched door opening and closing seemingly on its own.


Some people do have overactive imaginations, and some phenomena can just be explained away. There is also a theory that some levels of sound, that we are not aware of, can trigger visual hallucinations. But there is a hard core of unexplained incidents, both personally and historically. The fact that ghosts do seem to exist, whether they can be scientifically proven to or not, indicates that the reality of our existence is not as straight forward as we are taught.

Aspects of reality

The existence of ghosts poses interesting questions about the nature of our reality. what it does show, though, is that our physical reality is only part of the story.

The fact they they exists shows that we  cannot be just physical biological beings, and  do not wholly understand  the structure of the universe around us.

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