The reality of how Tarot actually works

 Tarot cards

When I wrote my book, ASPECTS OF REALITY – USER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE, I spoke about  the special talents that some people have to seemingly see into the future. What is more, I differentiated between predictive (tarot etc) and satnav or guidance (astrology and the like) skills.  However the more research I did in talking to some of these talented  practitioners, the more that I realised that the distinction was all wrong. It is only in beginning to understand the big picture of the universe, and the mechanism behind each function, that I realised that all of the predictive disciplines are satnav only. I also came to understand that what is written is written, but by whatever mechanism our predictive  life path is  retrieved it is not set in stone, but can be altered by our actions.  Because  the important thing to remember is that we all have free will.

 The Tarot

Reading the cards or reading the Tarot is probably one of the most well known of the predictive skills using props. On a basic level, special cards, of varying history and design  are shuffled by the person asking for the reading. They are then laid out in various combinations and read by the reader. Future trends and events can be indicated and even particular questions can be asked.

The difficult questions

The question is not, does it work? but why should it work? Also, has the future already been decided?  Whether it has or not, how can some individuals seemingly look into your future?

Donna’s answer

To try to answer these questions I went up to White Thyme, Christchurch to interview Donna Maxine, the famous physic and Tarot reader. The explanation she gave me was simple but fascinating.

As you may know, we all have auras. These are the visible, egg shaped  fields of energy that surround all of us. These are multi layered containing not only the traces of the chemical workings of our bodies, our thoughts and emotions ( which are themselves energy) and also our spirit bodies. Some people believe that there are actually twelve layers.  The sensitive among us can actually see and interpret these layers of aura.

Donna explained to me that our choice of card is guided by the layer in our aura which contains  information about our life path.  The cards thus pulled can be interpreted by the reader, but it is the information that is already there in our auras that is being read. Not only that but the reader uses extra information garnered from the seekers spirit guides, and passed on to the reader’s spirit guides.  So in that way it can be said that the future, your souls destiny, has already been decided on, and the Tarot reader is just telling you what you decided would be your life path,  before this incarnation. You of course do not have to follow it because, never forget, you have free will.

Interesting stuff thank you Donna.

What do you think?

Donna has a fascinating web site if you want to know more ,

Aspects of reality

Has your life path actually been decided? Decisions have been made before incarnation, not withstanding your free will. What does this say about the structure of our reality?




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    The reality of how Tarot actually works

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