The Reality of I ching

When looking at all the aspects of the forces that interact to give us this reality, I am always fascinated by what I call the great satnavs. That is, those disciplines such as astrology and numerology etc which seem to have been put there to help and guide us to make the most of our lives. The question is then, why are they there? Does this indicate a pre planned or designed existence ( indicating a designer of some sort) ? Or are they just encoded in the physical mathematics of the random construction of the universe. Of course, if we are just holograms in computer simulation as some people suspect, they may just be part of our programing.

Anyway, in filling in my gaps I noticed that one of those that I had not mentioned was the discipline of I Ching.

I Ching

Also known as Book of Changes, this divination tool is thought, by some, to be one of the oldest books in the world. It is a book of wisdom, embracing and distilling ancient thought and the philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism. Every thing is seen as a balance between Ying and Yang, the opposite and complimentary forces in the world.

To access this oracle you must have a question that you want answered firmly in your minds.  Then you can either cast Yarrow sticks (50) in quite a complicated ritual or more simply with 3 coins. The thought is that either the book itself or some other universal power will guide your choice. This is quite a complicated process as with the numbers cast indicating old or young ying or yang, being used to build up charts or hexagrams. These are actually consist of two trigrams or sets of 3.  The meaning the of  hexagram  comes from the interaction between these trigrams. For instance Heaven is three short horizontal lines in a stack. Fire is one horizontal line with broken line above topped with another horizontal line. Heaven above fire means T’UNG JEN – companionship. Fire above heaven is TA YU – abundance.


There are 64 possible hexagrams and the interpretations do vary slightly according to which translation used. There is also something else called moving lines. If you throw something called old yang or old ying (certain numbers or combinations) these refer to the concept of change. Other hexagrams may have to be drawn to interpret these properly. So quite a complicated interpretation requiring a good level of skill or practice.

Some people, of course, just open the book at random and take their answer from that. I do know of  people who would not dream of starting a new enterprise without consulting the I Ching first!

Aspects of Reality

I ching can be seen as one of the great Satnavs, a guidance system to help uses through life. Why is should be there, or why it works so well is another intriguing aspect of our reality.


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