The reality of infinity

There has been a lot of talk in the media just lately about the concept of infinity. If something is infinite it is endless. This concept is especially important when discussing the size of the universe. It is simply not known how large our universe is. There is only so far that we can see, even with the strongest telescopes.  The unseeable bit is called the great unknown. Some scientists are beginning to think that there is a possibility that the universe may be infinite. It may go on for ever.

If this is true, then this raises interesting possibilities for reality. The really strange side effect of the universe being infinite is that it may repeat itself. There may be other copies of the Earth, and us, out there.


How would such exact duplication be possible? Well, according to the Horizon programme I watched,  the explanation is as follows.

To simplify down, imagine that there were only four different coloured balls in the known universe. These balls, in whatever order, had to be touching each other. Now in whatever order or position they were touching each other, in the end there is a limit to the variations possible. After a certain point,  the patten would start to repeat itself.

Repeating universe

If the universe is infinite, the same may be happening to us, albeit on a more complex scale. If all the atomic and sub atomic particles that  make up our universe  combine in all possible combinations, sooner or later every extra combination would be a repeat.

Repeating us

Assuming an infinite universe, then sooner or later, so the theory goes, the exact combination of particles that made us and our world would also repeat. This may happen more than once. In fact it may happen an infinite number of times.

Aspects of reality

Could there actually be more than one of us out there? It is beyond imagining what the consequences for the aspects of our reality could be if that were true.

It is worth pointing out though, that the infinite universe is one of many theories concerning its size. Many scientists believe that it does come to an end, it is just that we cannot see it yet.

What do you think?


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  1. Toby says:

    I suppose anything is possible, once upon a time we were told that the world was flat!

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