The reality of Karma

karma 1 Can that notice be right? Do we all just get what we deserve in life ? How is it that bad things seem to happen to good people sometimes whilst bad people literally  seem to get away with murder? Can life just be all down to luck and chance or is there another factor at work here?

  The explanation given for these disparities is sometimes given as Karma.  Karma, along with the concept of re-incarnation, is a  Buddhist principle, but of course may have existed much longer than even that. It is all about balance.  Individual Karma seems to hinge on the concept of getting what you deserve according to your actions. Simply put, acts of unkindness or dishonesty will rebound on your life and “good” acts will be similarly rewarded. Karma is seen in some ways as a bank. Put enough good in and you will have a lovely life, and Vice Versa. You get what you deserve.

The question is then, why do  people with apparently positive Karma still have difficult times? The answer, interestingly enough, is in  the concept that Karma does not just extend to this life, but also to future and past lives. We may be paying a price, working out Karmic debts, with people and situations from lives lived before.  To make sense of the concept, to accept the bigger picture Karma. thus implies a belief in re-incarnation, many lives.

Aspects of reality

Karma is a force in our reality, key to maintaining universal order.

Belief in Karma does pre suppose a belief in reincarnation and multiple lives.


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