The reality of love

As it was valentines day when I originally wrote this post, I thought it was time to say something about the reflection of reality that is love.

What is love?

The answer is that it is, of course, an emotion.
What is an emotion? Well now that is the tricky question.
The theory is that all thoughts and emotions are actually generated in our  minds.

Where do our minds come from?

Our minds are supposed to be  generated from the biochemical energy and firing of neurons and synapses of the individual’s physical brain.  Could that be enough to generate this wonderful feeling?

The answer depends on whether we are actually just biological beings, products of random evolutionary forces, or something more.

The reality of love

Is love a universal gift, emanating from a creator God or a higher reality ?

Or is it just a function of  a purely mechanistic physical brain?

Personally the latter alternative does not seem possible.

What do you think?






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