Manifestation using the mind

realityConcerning the science of reality, I want to share with you one more piece of the jigsaw that has come to my attention concerning the ability to manifest our own reality. It is ground that I have covered before in my series of posts last year on manifestation. Check them out if you are interested. Sometimes, though, a slightly different way of putting things, on a familiar subject, will suddenly raise your understanding to a whole new level.

For instance, I have talked about people manifesting, by prayer, intention or spells and asked, how is it possible? Also, how can the mechanism that people use be correlated  with our scientific understanding? A book, that I was given for my birthday, had a slightly different way with words on this subject which really re-enforced and illuminated the answer for me.

As the book, WeMoon 2016 said, the science of manifestation involves quantum mechanics and human consciousness. QM involves some of the smallest particles in existence that are known as” the bedrock of the sub underworld of physical form”. I loved that phrase. It gave perspective to what I already understood. As we know, experiments have shown that the consciousness of an observer influences the behavior of these particles which exist only as potential at the sub atomic level. So the science is there for the possibility of manifestation.

As, the book says “Our expectations actually do create our reality”

The spells and prayers and intentions just focus us on the reality we desire. So keep positive and be sure of the reality you desire, and remember science is actually on our side.

Aspects of reality

Again we return to the substantial but anecdotal evidence that we create our own reality using the quantum field and the power of our mind.

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