The reality of multiple dimensions

Through many of the discussed reflections of reality, the possibility of the existence of other dimensions around that we just cannot see, has come up time and time again. To many people this may seem to sound like science fiction, but actually this possibility is a mainstream scientific belief.  It is a topic for ongoing research.

The theory of multiple dimensions

Physics uses mathematics to quantify and make sense of those forces which govern our universe. The existence of possible multiple dimensions in our universe was first proposed by Georg Rieman in 1854. The very core of his work was the realization that the physical laws, expressed mathematically, which seem to govern us, become much simpler once we assume a higher dimensional space. That means a multi dimensional universe. The quest to prove or disprove this theory has gone on ever since. I am told that the case for these extra, but unseen dimensions, becomes stronger and stronger. For example, one of the theories that indicate higher dimensions is so called String Theory.

String theory

String theory states that every thing, you and I and all around us, actually consists at its most basic level, of tiny vibrating strings of pure energy. The protons and neutrons and electrons that we, and all the universe are made of  are nothing but vibrating parcels of energy.

This is a very complex theory but as I understand it, different basic particles vibrate at different frequencies. They are different notes on the cosmic string. The tricky bit then is the understanding that for the vibration models to create all the different particles to be sufficient, there must be other dimensions in space for them to vibrate in, (other than our own known three plus time).The number of assumed extra dimensions are unknown, although the theoretical mathematics suggests, depending on which mathematician is correct, 13 ish. Some theorists believe the total to be as low as 10, some feel it may be as many as 26.

What do these dimensions look like?

The answer is that they must be there around us, although we cannot see them. They may be very small or very large, we do not yet know. They may be curled up or may be a just a proton away from us now. Our sense organs do not allow us to detect them. There is a clue apparently in gravity. Scientists feel that it is simply not as strong as it should be. It may be leaking into these other dimensions.

Aspects of reality

This is very interesting, as it opens up many possibilities for aspects of reality.

  • There could be people living parallel to us that we just cannot see.
  • There may be a physical higher dimension to which our departed consciousnesses travel on physical death.
  • There may be a home for ghosts and spirits
  • There may even be a dimensional place for heaven and hell.
  • There may just be dimensions that our poor limited brains cannot actually understand.

It is always nice when when science indicates possible mechanism for topics, such as the above, which many people believe to be pure fantasy.What do you think?



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