The reality of the multiverse

When high science begins to explore the nature of reality, the theories sometimes appear stranger than even some of the most far fetched alternative theories would allow. For instance, recently I came across two interesting theories concerning the possible simultaneous existence of many other universes alongside ours.

Separate universes

The first theory states that these other universes could operate independently along side ours, even with different laws of physics from our own. They could be totally separate from our reality.  Or we may even switch between them, unknowingly, as we progress though life.


This is a similar but more complex theory first proposed by a famous quantum physicist Hugh Everett in America in the late 1970’s. This simply states that there are different realities, parallel universes, existing along side ours. Our lives split into the different realities for every decision we make. If we decide between x and y, there will be a reality in which we do x and a reality in which we do y. Things will split again on the next decision and there will be parallel lives generated in which we live alternative versions of our lives. Possible? Who knows, but it is certainly an interesting, if fundamentally, at the moment, unprovable concept.


The puzzling thing about this for me is, what would happen to our consciousness if this does occur?  Does our consciousness split at this moment? Or actually are we just a sum total of all these consciousness’s, living all possible lives, in all possible universes at the same time? It is impossible to think about really. The debate is very current, and taken very seriously.

Aspects of Reality

This aspect of reality is indeed mind blowing. That is not to say it is not true though.









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